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Announcement: A new NOURISHED Available to Download

Announcement: A new NOURISHED Available to Download

This issue has been a bit delayed. Oh! For various reasons. Let me just say, I am relieved and thrilled at the same to say that it is now available!!! WOOT!

Working to finish this issue amidst the chaos of the last few months, has been a rather stabilizing force. I longed to complete it and set it out and yet at the same time, life pulled me away from it. Even more, I felt an yearning to draw it out, to know that it was there to ground me. Ha! I know it sounds silly. But, until this weekend, I hadn't realized how much I was holding on to it like an adrift sailor to a piece of drift wood. It was then I had the epiphany! There is always the next issue!! ;-)

Autumn... Bring it on! In the meantime, I present you the Summer issue! As always, you can download is for FREE. You can download directly using the link on the right sidebar or have a peek inside the issue first by clicking below!

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Let us be NOURISHED! Spring 2015 Issue, Sprouted - Out Now!

Let us be NOURISHED! Spring 2015 Issue, Sprouted - Out Now!

I am super thrilled to announce that NOURISHED continues into its second year and I am just as thrilled to work on it today as I was when I first designed the concept and the magazine layout. Yet, there are some changes, as to be expected from a year's worth of experience.

This issue carries a modified layout which highlights the visual elements even more thorough full page photographs and blow outs. Also, the feature story while staying with my favorite theme of linking food and traditions with people and culture focuses more on the production and closer connections with nature with a view to providing insight on the real and agrarian beginnings of our dinners.

Most importantly, I have learnt that sharing is the best way to enabling. With that in mind, all digital editions of NOURISHED will be available for FREE download. If you are interested in buying a print version, please email me! Also, starting with this anniversary edition, NOURISHED will also be available for viewing and download on the Issuu platform. Click here to view in book format.

I hope you enjoy browsing and sharing the recipes and stories. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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A Gift For You

I am super excited to announce that the fourth issue of my baby venture, NOURISHED Magazine is now available for download. Issue 4, DEEP, explore the recipes that feed and nourish us through the long, cold and often harsh season of Winter. 

With recipes that give a deep satisfaction to the belly and deeply soothes the soul, it redefines monochrome to represent what we seek and need at this time.This edition contains 30 pages of beautiful photographs with 11 recipes celebrating the produce of the Season. From blackened cauliflower to chickpea tartines, from slow cooker fruit butter to rich chocolate tarts, the recipes are intended to enable us to persevere and bounce healthfully into Spring - Afresh. Ready to start again.

As a Valentine gift from me to you, I am offering this issue and all back issues of NOURISHED absolutely FREE for one weekend! Yes, nearly 75 new recipes with accompanying photos (plus more of others), stories of sustainable eating all downloadable in digital format FREE. That is a whole cookbook with recipes for all four seasons! 

I thank you for the amazing support, comfort and friendship you have given me over the years and I want to repay with some love in return. Please use the store link to 'purchase' the magazines. Feel free to share this with anyone you know who appreciates food or just loves free stuff ! :)

{Btw, the system will ask you to go through with the payment procedure. But, don't worry. It will not charge you anything.}

NOURISHED Issue #3 - Fall 2014

NOURISHED Issue #3 - Fall 2014

I am super thrilled to say that the next issue of the NOURISHED magazine series is now available for download. This issue is timed with Fall, the riot of colors, Holidays, festive spirit and loving life. For me, Fall breathes a new spirit into life as the cooling and swiftness in the air leads to a skip in the step and a spring on the feet! Fall for me is sounds of laughter spiraling up with the swirling leaves. Fall is the time when little children cry in joy unbidden and entranced by the glory around. Fall is the time when grown people reconnect with their inner child and don't feel foolish about it! Fall is when everything is allowed and nothing is the limit!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Summer for me is a frenzy of trying to squeeze in as many things as possible. But as Autumn rolls in, I learn to relax, enjoy and take in the scenery. I learn to live each moment more, to pause and appreciate, to take pleasure. Before Winter rolls in and whites everything out, these last months of the years are filled with brightness, joy, color, love and happiness!

So, as you can see, this is a rather special issue for me. In "COLOR FALL", I have tried to keep the spirit of Fall festive while not-so-subtly straying from the typically....

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NOURISHED Mag - Issue #2 - Summer 2014

I am thrilled to announce that the second edition of the NOURISHED magazine is now available for download.

This edition contains 52 pages of beautiful photographs with 21 recipes (13 gluten free) and 3 stories that capture the essence of Summer. The magazine has been designed to look beautiful on both screen and in print with large format captures of ingredients and full dishes!

Blurb -

To simply give in to the luxury of an un-fussed Summer life.

In this Summer issue, we dwell on The Shift in both palate and mind as we gravitate towards lighter and fresher meals. The dishes are intentionally convenient allowing more time to enjoy the season. This issue focuses on simplifying and lightening our plate and life.

In our feature articles, we explore the different tastes of Summer and delve into the dichotic worlds of corn and ice cream, two of the most evocatively Summer-y foods with story and recipe inspirations.

NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2

I am also changing a couple of logistical things, to make the magazine accessible to more people. At the end of the day my interest and that of FOODLY is to make food inspirations affordable, so more people can believe that cooking and eating well is entirely approachable and budget friendly.

1. Pricing: The new issue is priced at $2 for the digital version! I will give a disclaimer, that I receive only half that amount after taxes and fees and request you to please spread the word and encourage your friends to buy their own copy.

2. Format: Going forward the issue will be primarily digital based as it is then easily portable into your kitchen, on your tablet, without the worry of spills. However, print copies will still be available through a third party printer, here. I have to be honest in saying that printing and shipping costs are prohibitively expensive and the pricing appears skewed due to that. However, I am offering a free online version with every print purchase to sweeten the purchase. Full disclosure, I make no additional margin on the print copies.

Thank you for your continued support! I look forward to your feedback on the magazine.

Enjoy Summer!

Far Rockaway

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