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Announcement: A new NOURISHED Available to Download

This issue has been a bit delayed. Oh! For various reasons. Let me just say, I am relieved and thrilled at the same to say that it is now available!!! WOOT!

Working to finish this issue amidst the chaos of the last few months, has been a rather stabilizing force. I longed to complete it and set it out and yet at the same time, life pulled me away from it. Even more, I felt an yearning to draw it out, to know that it was there to ground me. Ha! I know it sounds silly. But, until this weekend, I hadn't realized how much I was holding on to it like an adrift sailor to a piece of drift wood. It was then I had the epiphany! There is always the next issue!! ;-)

Autumn... Bring it on! In the meantime, I present you the Summer issue! As always, you can download is for FREE. You can download directly using the link on the right sidebar or have a peek inside the issue first by clicking below!




Many a time, catching a few moments of introspection, whether at the beach or the park, I find myself looking up at the clear blue sky that occasionally was streaked by the grace of a winged creature, gliding effortlessly. In those moments, were truly captured, the essence of this Season and the inspiration for this issue.

GLIDE speaks to the human spirit that seamlessly transitions with each of nature's whims, seamlessly adjusting and making the most of every season.

Through food we are able to span the breadth of human desires to make the most of the season, in a continuous whirlwind of fun, gaiety and activities and again, wind down as night falls into deep contented slumber, packing up memories for the coming Autumn and thence Winter.


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK