Let us be NOURISHED! Spring 2015 Issue, Sprouted - Out Now!

First Anniversary Issue of NOURISHED Magazine - SPROUTED, Spring 2015, is out now for download. Click on the right to download or click here preview the magazine and download.

First Anniversary Issue of NOURISHED Magazine - SPROUTED, Spring 2015, is out now for download. Click on the right to download or click here preview the magazine and download.

There is a special something about anniversaries. A time to look back, take a deep breathe and the opportunity to evaluate where you have been and where you are going and want to go. First year milestones, I think are particularly important as they serve both as validation as well as the perfect opportunity to make changes if need be.

One year ago, I started two projects with the intent of inspiring more people to jump over the everyday hurdles and cook more. I wanted to spread the message of sustainability and food awareness through a DIY approach. FOODLY was a advisory venture in handholding people through that process. And, NOURISHED is a media venture intended to inspire, nudge and create the desire to look at food beyond fuel and cook more with in -season produce. 

Today, as I look back, I realize I have one failure and one success on my hands that have made the last year particularly insightful. FOODLY, much as the concept was good lacked in execution and I have learnt a lot from the journey of making it work. NOURISHED, was originally intended to be a squire to FOODLY but time has proven that this horse proved more a derby winner than a cart puller. 

So, I am super thrilled to announce that NOURISHED continues into its second year and I am just as thrilled to work on it today as I was when I first designed the concept and the magazine layout. Yet, there are some changes, as to be expected from a year's worth of experience.

This issue carries a modified layout which highlights the visual elements even more thorough full page photographs and blow outs. Also, the feature story while staying with my favorite theme of linking food and traditions with people and culture focuses more on the production and closer connections with nature with a view to providing insight on the real and agrarian beginnings of our dinners.

Most importantly, I have learnt that sharing is the best way to enabling. With that in mind, all digital editions of NOURISHED will be available for FREE download. You can download from the magazine's page after previewing (use button below) or directly download from the link on the right. If you are interested in buying a print version, please email me! Also, starting with this anniversary edition, NOURISHED will also be available for viewing and download on the Issuu platform. Click here to view in book format.

I hope you enjoy browsing and sharing the recipes and stories. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Announcing the birth of First Anniversary Issue of NOURISHED

SPROUTED - Spring 2015


With Spring serving as the trampoline of new life, Sprouted  pulls you up from the depths of cozy duvets, roaring fires and throaty stews to rejoice in the freedom of luxurious rediscovery. It explores the deep rooted connections between man and nature through the eyes of harvest and associated traditions. The beginnings of new life, heralded by the season of Spring, awakens us from the deep slumber of winter. Even before we, the humans sense this change, the rest of the pyramid below us wakes up, yawns, stretches and decides to return to life.

This issue brings you the magic of maple between 10 illustrated pages along with recipes to inspire its use in your kitchen beyond Sundays. It also brings you 22 refreshing recipes dedicated to making sustainable eating an active reality through creative pantry use, borrowed culinary concepts, and, spirited use of seasonal ingredients to refresh our palates and transition from the heavy to the light and frivolous