NOURISHED Mag - Issue #2 - Summer 2014

I am thrilled to announce that the second edition of the NOURISHED magazine is now available for download.

This edition contains 52 pages of beautiful photographs with 21 recipes (13 gluten free) and 3 stories that capture the essence of Summer. The magazine has been designed to look beautiful on both screen and in print with large format captures of ingredients and full dishes!

Blurb -

To simply give in to the luxury of an un-fussed Summer life.

In this Summer issue, we dwell on The Shift in both palate and mind as we gravitate towards lighter and fresher meals. The dishes are intentionally convenient allowing more time to enjoy the season. This issue focuses on simplifying and lightening our plate and life.

In our feature articles, we explore the different tastes of Summer and delve into the dichotic worlds of corn and ice cream, two of the most evocatively Summer-y foods with story and recipe inspirations.

NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2
NOURISHED Magazine Issue 2

I am also changing a couple of logistical things, to make the magazine accessible to more people. At the end of the day my interest and that of FOODLY is to make food inspirations affordable, so more people can believe that cooking and eating well is entirely approachable and budget friendly.

1. Pricing: The new issue is priced at $2 for the digital version! I will give a disclaimer, that I receive only half that amount after taxes and fees and request you to please spread the word and encourage your friends to buy their own copy.

2. Format: Going forward the issue will be primarily digital based as it is then easily portable into your kitchen, on your tablet, without the worry of spills. However, print copies will still be available through a third party printer, here. I have to be honest in saying that printing and shipping costs are prohibitively expensive and the pricing appears skewed due to that. However, I am offering a free online version with every print purchase to sweeten the purchase. Full disclosure, I make no additional margin on the print copies.

Thank you for your continued support! I look forward to your feedback on the magazine.

Enjoy Summer!

Far Rockaway