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Hellooo Weekend!

Blue Note Cocktail

I have a cocktail(tchah!) for you and some cool links to keep you inspired {at least I hope!}

About the cocktail, it is based on blueberries and the recipe was generously shared by the Arlington Club Steakhouse in New York. And, no this is not sponsored. So, go on, you know you want it. Revel away!

And the links...

This is what I call brunch worth sharing!

A great article on shooting white canvases

A cool eater guide on the boroughs of NYC

Oh the tomatoes! Cannot get enough of them!

Gorgeous and gluten free cake

Most adorable cookies

Another weekend perfection!


Simply Oats and Nut Loaf - Glutenfree Peasant Bread

Or the loaf that keeps me sane!

Glutenfree Oat and Nut Loaf

Every once in a while, you come across an idea that spawns some amazing creation(s), whose impact you only realize only much later when you have made it your own and somehow it has become an integral part of your life. Google was one of those. The iPhone another. Now, I give you mine that I say will be square in that genre; this Glutenfree Peasant Bread.

Nearly two years ago, I came across this post. It had gone viral then. The concept of a gluten free 'bread' was just catching on and this post took the world by a swirl not just for the idea but also the writing. If you haven't read that, you should go on and read it. Anyway, at the time I read it, I was in the "I-want-to-try-something-new" mode and attempted making it as a learning experience. It was not perfect. For one, I did not have a silicone mold and so getting it out was not a pretty exercise and then when I baked it on the rack of the oven, it came out with rather unseemly ridges. But, the taste. Oh yes! It was good. Not quite bread, but when sliced thin it was fantastic as crackers. Essentially, after that, I did not think about making it because it was bit too involved and I thought needed a flexible pan for getting it out in one piece.

Glutenfree Oat and Nut Loaf
Glutenfree Oat and Nut Loaf
Glutenfree Oat and Nut Loaf

Recently, when my suspected troubles with wheat began, I started casting my net wide in trying to come up with ideas that would function as bread but without gluten. At the same time, I started my psyllium husk experiments. Naturally, that bread came to mind. But, I wanted something simpler and easier to execute and basically was super cheap to become a staple in the house. After all, one of the things about bread is that it does not cost much. Other important factors were that it hold together if made as a sandwich, have a satisfying crunch on the outside and be softer in the center like the crumb and most importantly, is low fuss to be an everyday bread. Something akin to flour-yeast-water-oil kind of list of ingredients.

As I understood the chemistry of psyllium husk more and its interaction with other ingredients, I was emboldened to create a recipe that would be fool proof, easy and affordable. After 5 months of, sometimes unconscious, testing and tweaking, I realized this loaf had become a staple in my house. One that made me NOT miss having regular bread. One that preserved my sanity and makes this whole gluten free thing enjoyable. One that has my gratitude many times over. For its rather humbleness I was rather surprised at the big impact it was having in my life.

It was the difference between a smile and despair ;-)

So, let me just say, it is one recipe that I stake my life on. Even if you are not gluten free, try this and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you. I share some notes below on what I learnt in this experimentation process. Also, you can simply scale the recipe for larger or multiple loaves.

Glutenfree Oat and Nut Loaf
Glutenfree Oat and Nut LoafGlutenfree Oat and Nut Loaf


{See} New York : Gowanus and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn! Bar in Cobble Hill

Every neighborhood in New York City, across its boroughs, is its own little microcosm. Each borough has a distinctive macro culture but within each resides several amazing pockets of cultural specialization. I have lived and loved this city for nearly 10 years and there is always so much more to see. Some of these micro-hoods, especially in Manhattan change nearly every year with new dreams replacing the crashed and smoked ones. Yet others retain a certain old worldness that seem rather quaint in this day.

While I have definitely seen and experienced some of what this city offers, I realized I have not quite captured and showcased the amazing wonders that one can chance upon while simply walking around aimlessly. For visitors to this city, I always recommend a casual walk around different neighborhoods, weaving in and out of shops, eating places, standing to ponder on an unique door front or some intricate architecture. By the way, I do NOT recommend doing this in the heart of commercial New York, such as Times Square, Wall Street, especially, during busy times (9am - 6pm). Besides, such spots are better viewed at night when the office goers are no longer around to be annoyed by your leisure and you have the streets to yourselves. For the rest of the city, brace for the vibe and pace of the city but set you your agenda.

New York is famous for its energy but it is a true luxury when you slow down.

So, anyway, today I want to share a few photos of a little area called Gowanus and Cobble Hill in Brooklyn and where to eat recommendations, at the end of the post.

Gowanus Wall Art - warehouse
Gowanus canal
Gowanus Wall Art - warehouseDSC_0359-1
Shop Front Smith StreetSmith Street Door Front
Bike Stand outside subway, Cobble Hill
JapaneseJapanese - Bento Lunch
Van Leeuwen - FrontVan Leeuwen - Table
Van Leeuwen - Coffee

Gowanus is an infamous canal that runs through part of Brooklyn, separating the neighborhoods of Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, both being the strongholds of well-heeled European immigrants since New York City was born.