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NOURISHED Issue #3 - Fall 2014

I am super thrilled to say that the next issue of the NOURISHED magazine series is now available for download. This issue is timed with Fall, the riot of colors, Holidays, festive spirit and loving life. For me, Fall breathes a new spirit into life as the cooling and swiftness in the air leads to a skip in the step and a spring on the feet! Fall for me is sounds of laughter spiraling up with the swirling leaves. Fall is the time when little children cry in joy unbidden and entranced by the glory around. Fall is the time when grown people reconnect with their inner child and don't feel foolish about it! Fall is when everything is allowed and nothing is the limit!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Summer for me is a frenzy of trying to squeeze in as many things as possible. But as Autumn rolls in, I learn to relax, enjoy and take in the scenery. I learn to live each moment more, to pause and appreciate, to take pleasure. Before Winter rolls in and whites everything out, these last months of the years are filled with brightness, joy, color, love and happiness!

So, as you can see, this is a rather special issue for me. In "COLOR FALL", I have tried to keep the spirit of Fall festive while not-so-subtly straying from the typically laden Holiday tables towards appreciating the grace, elegance and simplicity of the produce this season. This issue comes with 16 vibrant recipes, 15 of which are vegetarian and a full 13 are gluten free! This is one where I hope you find inspiration for elevating the humble produce to ravishing heights in velvety soups, bold roasts, nutty salads and decadent desserts.

In the feature, we explore the engrossing world of Pumpkins, some uncommon roles they can play in our diets and some more recipe ideas to use this versatile and, what has come to be, the quintessential Autumnal harvest produce.

The issue is available for download from the FOODLY store. You can take a peek inside the issue here. If you prefer a print copy, you can order it here. You get the digital version free with a print purchase.

NOURISHED Issue #3 - Pumpkins
NOURISHED Issue #3 - Fall Cover
NOURISHED Issue #3 - Recipe for Yogurt Dumpling Soup
NOURISHED Issue #3 - Recipe for Velvety Celeriac and Parsley Soup
NOURISHED Issue #3 - Recipe for Vegetable Cakes
NOURISHED Issue #3 - Eggplant Boats
NOURISHED Issue #3 - Spice apple Cider

I look forward to your feedback and thoughts! Thank you for helping my passion for bringing good food to more tables and help people to cook more and take pleasure in eating!


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK