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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Fork Spoon Knife. I partner with select food and leisure brands to bring your voice across to my social network. 

  • Asha currently has a reach of ~500,000 across Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • FSK currently has over 1600 subscribers, receives ~13,500 average daily Pinterest viewers and 18,000 average daily impressions. Viewership is primarily North American with substantial followers from Europe, India and Australia.
  • FSK has a Google page rank of 4.
  • Work from the site has been picked up for circulation on national media including Redbook Magazine, Huffington Post, Honest Cooking, The Daily Meal.


FSK offers multiple levels of engagement

  • Site ads
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Product endorsement
  • Recipe development
  • Photography projects
  • Press and Media trips

Here is a list of clients I work(ed) with.

To buy Ad Space

Ads, Sponsored Posts and Post links.

All content for sponsored posts will be original and crafted keeping in mind the brand messaging and value of the product while providing incremental value to my readers. Previous work has been done for Rioja Wines, Le Cirque, Whole Foods among others.

Ads and sponsored posts on the site will be place on the landing page, above the fold, as part of the photo gallery with a visible "sponsored" mark. Ads may be placed as banner at the end of a post and on the sidebar. Please choose the options as available below. All prices are shown for a 30 days promotion period. 

Additionally, I am also available to design your ad for maximum impact at an additional fee.


Home Page Ad

These ads are rendered seamlessly as part of a visually rich gallery and provide an organic way of connecting with the reader. Because, it does not stand out in abrupt contrast, it renders a subliminal message to the viewers. These are great value ads and work very well when your content is visually impactful and closely related to food and beverage. You can choose a vertical or horizontal alignment. 40% of all FSK traffic renders through the home page. All ads will be 250px wide. 

Vertical Ad Dimensions: 250px by 400px

Horizontal Ad Dimensions: 250px by 150px

Side Bar Ad - Large

Make an impact with a bold visual in this large ad space at a great value. Placed in a hard to miss spot on the sidebar it will draw the attention of readers as they scroll down to read posts. Addtionally, because there will only be one ad of its size, spanning the entire width of the container, there is no cannibalization of reader's attention. And, you can create exclusivity for your brand and company at an very affordable price.

Dimensions: 300px by 300px 

SIDE BAR AD - small

These are smaller ads that can are good value for the pricing. They are placed strategically to draw attention of the reader while succinctly delivering the message of your brand. You will not be jostling for visibility as there will only be 4 of these ads running at any time.

Dimensions: 150px by 150px

Small Text:

  • Ads will run after admin approval for relevance to content on FSK. Approved ads will be confirmed within 48 hours.
  • Categories that work best mutually are food, leisure, travel, beverages, home decor, photography, kitchen and dining related. 
  • For custom sizes, please email me to discuss pricing and placement.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are unique to each brand and requires detailed discussion and customization for content. Please email me with your request and I will get back to you with suggestions, ideas and fees. Request my media kit for examples of previous work.

I use a lot of food related products (cutlery, china, tableware etc.) towards styling my photographs. I am willing to include your product in my photos and make special mentions within and at the end of the post. 

I shoot all the photographs that may be used in the post. Ownership and copyright for these photographs will reside with Asha INK and can be licensed under a separate contract.


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK