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Spring in My Tart - Salmon & Asparagus Vol au Vent + Lemon Mustard Glaze

Spring in My Tart - Salmon & Asparagus Vol au Vent + Lemon Mustard Glaze

Spring has arrived! Today I spotted a blue jay, which, has always been the true marker of Spring. The Cardinals brighten a winter landscape and the blue dashes with Spring’s riot of green! And with that, it is almost binary switch in my kitchen. I want more green on my plate, more vegetables and more fresh looking and tasting stuff. I am not sure how much I can garden this year, as last year’s patch has been completely razed and no longer viable. So, I am definitely focusing on being more mindful of getting produce that is in-season in the local environs (North East for me and ignoring California!). I am also angling towards quicker meals that allow me more time with family and yet bring a touch of special….

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Not Your Ordinary Pasta Primavera

Not Your Ordinary Pasta Primavera

There is almost a feeling of full circle with this dish for me. As I have waxed a lot on Instagram, the last two summers have been very good in terms of nurturing a green thumb and my budding confidence in growing things.

Do you remember the cover of the Spring issue of my magazine? No? Look below and to the right, you have it there. By the way, you can also download it for free and access 20+ recipes for all meals. (Well... I could hardly overlook that native opportunity for self-promotion ;-)). 

Anyway, the original pea shoots made the cover! And, now I have the mature plant that has been sending sweet, juicy, oh so tasty pods my way every so often. I planted about 5 of the sprouts and each one gave me approximately one plump pod a week. I collected, nay, hoarded them carefully in my fridge, warning everybody away from daring to nibble on them. When I had a handful, I decided it was time to feast...

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The pen is mightier than the sword indeed...

Asparagus Spears

There comes a time in life when you actually realize the meaning of that. Times that tell you that it is better to not react but step back, collect your thoughts and just put them down..

Often times we run through life, acting and reacting from one situation to next.. rarely taking the break to look back, connect the dots and decide the way forward..

Yet, there are times, when you want to do just that but life forces you into a stand still with everyone and everything whirling about you, insisting that you catch your breath and look around and pick what, where and who and really understand the why....

Asparagus Tart

Questions that stay buried deep within because either you don't care or you are afraid. Questions that will never go away no matter what you do.. only when you find the answer...

Even then, the urge to lurch is so much stronger than it should for the sake of no regrets. At cross roads, it is indeed easy to walk the wrong way..

And so I write.. My thoughts, my emotions (changing as they may be), I seal my letters with a kiss and a wish that it will always makes you smile, to read and know that it is sent to you with love... nothing more, nothing less... :)

Garlic Sauteed Asparagus

Ah yes! It was the asparagus haze that made me devolve into this ramble! I blame it on that and the garlic!

Asparagus and Baby Arugula Tart
(makes one 5 inch tart)

1/2 tart crust dough
10 spears of asparagus
1/2 cup chopped baby arugula, blanched
1 egg
1/3 cup sour cream
3 T fresh grated Parmesan
salt and pepper to taste

Roll out the tart dough and press into tart pan. Cool in fridge for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, slice the asparagus into thin slices on a bias, reserving the crown spears for decoration.

Whip together the egg and sour cream. Fold in the arugula and asparagus slices. Pour into prepared tart crust. Arrange the asparagus heads as spoke. Sprinkle the Parmesan over and bake in a preheated oven at 400F for 30 minutes, until the center is set.

Cool on rack for 5 minutes, unmold and serve immediately.

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