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More Cake? With Custard! Or when to draw the line...

You will have to bear with my story (oh yes! today, I have one) because at the end of it... There is CAKE!! But, more importantly, also Custard, or, if you want to be fancy, Crème Anglaise (English cream).

The latter is important because that is the crux of this story that spirals out like Arabian Nights in sequence. So, rewind to Saturday evening. After that long week, I did not tell you about in the last  post with that cake, all I did for most of the day was firmly affix myself on couch and watch back to back episodes on HGTV. I love home renovation shows with all those breaking, demolishing, taking apart and creating, building, making happy.

Anyway, I am not type of person who likes to sloth as such even if my physical self is craving for attention and saying it can take no more. I would much rather get a move on, somewhere, anywhere, that is not the couch. But, clearly, there are physical boundaries for this shake-it-off attitude and Saturday, my inner self just told me to f@#$ off and leave the body alone. So, even as I was rooted to the spot, my mind was running in circles trying to find a way to, well, Shake It Off ;-) and get off my butt.

Step 1: Go to the closest home store. No, not the pretty decor and furniture ones. No, I wanted something more hard core, football fever may be. I went to look at lumber, metal, tiles and such. You know, big masculine stuff. I simply looked, touched and felt. It always energizes me. {All good people. This is totally G rated!}

Step 2: Order pizza. Gluten free! Good stuff from Two Boots. Oh yeah! 

Step 3: Watch "The Interview". Silly, brain-disengaging entertainment.

Note, step 1 was to appease my mind, step 2 and 3 were to lull it into state of zen and dis-conciousness, so it would not give me the pouty reminders about doing something. Did not work!

Steps 4a and 4b: At 8pm, midway in the movie, I decided I wanted chocolate cake and I would bake it immediately. This went well. At 10pm, still feeling quite restless (and, guilty) by this time, I struck upon the wonderful idea of making custard. This did not go so well.

The custard itself came together beautifully. I decided on a coffee flavor (because clearly I am thinking caffeine just when I am heading to bed! What the..!). I was super impressed with how I managed to not curdle and create a smooth emulsion. I was even listing the tips, in my mind, I would share with you about making the perfect custard. 

I had a bowl of cold water set in the sink to arrest the cooking process of the custard. It went fine for the first 30 seconds.  My water had cooled and I wanted to replenish with more cold water from tap. Then disaster struck. The sequence was...

Remove custard pan from bowl. Pour water out. Place under tap. Open tap. Fill with new water. Put custard pan in bowl. Realise tap is STILL OPEN! Water in perfect custard. FREAK OUT! Slam on tap. Bemoan idiocy of attempting something trickier than adding 1+1, so late in the night. 

Yeah. That happened. Still I whisked it and poured into a sauce boat and let it cool in the fridge. Surprise! It had actually thickened a lot more. Whoa! I mean, that 10 pm call wasn't so bad after all. Ha!

As it turned out, it had thickened a bit too much and I had to thin it with more milk. But all was well and I even took some action photos {yay! to borrowed tripod}. That was Sunday morning before meeting friends and other things you do on a Sunday before people run away to Superbowl parties.

I was only half watching the Patriots, except when I choose to play guardian angel. When Brady missed awfully at the start, I was too busy with the latest Edible Brooklyn issue. Whenever the Seahawks scored, I was reading a book. That interception in the last 21st second! I had just walked to the TV at the 22nd second. Yeah, right?! 

I decided, I was invincible. Obviously, trying to figure out how to convert my action shots into action was the best thing to do at 10 pm. Again! Yeah, I spent a good hour googling and managed to create a movie. Happy, I went to bed. In the REM hours of the morning, I had a piercing thought that the damn video had a wide black frame on two sides (like a movie!) and that was NOT what I wanted. Man!

So, woke up and in about 10 minutes, realized my trusted Photoshop lets me do what I wanted. That time lapsed video up there. I mean, it was right there all along. 

Clearly, I just don't make great decisions/choices after 10 pm! With or without alcohol. It used to be 2am. Geez!


Well. That's the story. I had to get it out. Two things -

1. There really is cake. If you got here, you really deserve it!! And, thank you! I am not ready to talk more about the custard though, unless you really want me to.

2. If you want to know how I made that 'video' leave me a note in the comments and I'll make a post.

Now about that cake. This would be my go to chocolate cake. It is simple. Flour, cocoa powder, egg, milk, raw sugar, butter or oil. Typically, I would make it with regular flour but since my wheat allergy, I have been playing pantry with gluten free stuff. On my last visit across the pond, I was recommend the gluten free blend by Doves Farms. They tasted really good. Since coming back, I find that Jamie Oliver uses the same flour for his GF creations as well.

I am one for making my own blend (there is a bit of competitive streak there as much as the wish to customize it) but sometimes, it is easier to have one just in case. I find that the British have come much further in creating really tasty gluten free stuff, much more than the US.

I have to say, I have had really good success with the flour so far, in cakes, tarts, waffles. It still does not have anything that provides the elasticity of gluten but the taste and texture are brilliant. It is a blend of rice, maize (corn), potato flour and does have xantham gum added, which, is my only issue with it. I bought mine through Amazon. 

This is NOT a sponsored post! I just think they have the best blend I have tasted for a go-to gluten free product. If you are in Europe, it is cheap for you to source. 

I like eating the cake directly from the pan. Hence the missing slice in the photos! :D

Everyday Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

{small 5 inch cake}

This is a simple chocolate cake and it works just fine substituted with regular flour as well. I mix olive oil and butter in equal parts for the fat part. Oil makes it moister and the butter tastier. But you can equivalent volume of one or the other. I like eating it right from the cake pan (hence the missing chunk in the photos). But you can just easily, frost it or serve with custard. Pretty much do what you want with it. It is a basic recipe.


2/3 cup gluten free flour

1/3 cup cocoa powder (Dutch processed)

1/2 tsp baking soda

scant 1/2 cup raw cane sugar

1/3 cup olive oil + salted butter blend

1/4 cup whole milk

1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Mix everything together to a smooth batter.

Pour into a greased 5 inch mold and bake for 20 minutes.

Let cool on rack for 15 or so minutes.

Pour custard over if using or slice to frost and layer. As you wish!



Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK