Dublin, Eat and Drink - A Photo Post

Dublin this time completely amazed me. The quality of Irish food has always been gastronomic but the city now has several restaurant that have adopted the gastronomique from global cuisines and incorporated them into an Irish way of eating. 

Even more I loved the craft coffee culture that is springing up all around the city. I had several cups of beautifully roasted and well poured pulls! Below are some captures from my five days in the city just before last Christmas from places that blew my NYC mind! I highly recommend the Roasted Brown Coffee Co. for a relaxed cuppa with simple and delicious eats.

In Ballsbridge is a coffee kiosk that is also a micro-roastery. Yes, he roasted and pulls in a tiny shower stall sized kiosk. And, it is fantastic!!! Now, that is a revolution! 


Fade Street Social - Gastro Bar

Braised leeks dish at The Gastro Bar

Braised leeks dish at The Gastro Bar

Roasted Brown Coffee Co


Kaph + Brother Hubbard