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Mango No-Bake {Mexican} Cheesecake

Mango No-Bake {Mexican} Cheesecake

In a new neighborhood for the last few weeks, I went on a discovery + errand tour a couple of weeks ago.  few short blocks in search of the local USPS led me into the fringes of Mexican influence. Nosing around the aisles of the empty ethnic grocery stores, I spied into the kitchens of the region, metaphorically. Oh, what discoveries I made! 

My latest pantry discovery is Mexican sour cream!! Such decadence!

Years ago, when I lived in the UES, I would hike a mile North every so often to stock up on fresh corn tortillas, avocados (I was not a prolific eater of it then!), mangoes, and the CHILLIES! Since I moved out, I have been .. well.. rather cheating on the cuisine, tagging every taco I made as it, every chill-chocolate rub as dry mole. 

Yes, I know, How very rude, insensitive, all that of me. I’ll blame it on ignorance ok?! Cut me some slack; am sure literally everyone out there does/did something like that. Anyway, now I have seen the light. Amongst all the amazing things I discovered in the span of a patient 30 minutes were

  1. A delectable finger licking good sauce/syrup made with tamarind and chilli - name unknown
  2. Avocados are not a necessary ingredient of tacos {also confirmed by an awesome Mexican restaurant nearby where I paid what I would consider premium price for like rounds of happiness....!}
  3. There is a lot of greens in Mexican cuisine, particularly, hard to find European Purslane, that just flies under an alias Verdolagas... Hello Chica!
  4. Finally, the best of it all .... Mexican Sour Cream!

Mama Mia!

Maybe it is a particular brand or maybe it is way it is supposed to be. WhenI  poked a spoon into the jar, I hardly expected the lucious, silky almost custard like cream I scooped out. Man, was that rich! So I stood, spoon in jar, into mouth, back again. Oops!

I do wonder how it is made. It super thick almost like it was cooked and also rather savory in taste (like those Sohha savory yogurts, only without the price tag) Any thoughts? Those with more knowledge of the cuisine, please speak up. I am humbled and really want to learn.

Obviously, for the next couple of days, I slathered it on pretty much everything. Oh and I made so so many tacos; different kinds, none with avocado; ok one! Still much less than before. Once I got over that craze, I was scouting my imagination for what else I could make with my novel discovery. Spying a big bowl of mangoes (also from the same store and simply the sweetest I have had!), I decided that the custardiness needed amping up. Voila! There was cheesecake and mango in my head and the recipe was born...!

You are welcome :D


{no bake recipe}

1 ripe sweet mango, flesh sliced

6 oz mexican sour cream

2 oz milk

1/2 cup water

5-6T sugar (depending on how sweet the mango is)

1 T gelatine


In a small cup mix together gelatin and one tablespoon of sugar.

Boil water and add to the gelatin and mix well to dissolve  {try not to smell the gelatin at this point!}

In a food processor, add the sour cream, most of the mango reserving a few slices for garnish, milk and remaining sugar. Pulse to puree.

Add the gelatin water and process to mix well.

Pour into molds and refrigerate for 2-3 hours to let it set. Serve with whipped cream and mango slices


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK