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Gluten Free Peach Shortbread and Cookies

Gluten free shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate

Gluten free shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate

Here we are, yet another end of the week, with a post sitting in my draft section for as many days, and I again do not have the energy to summon up the words to go with the post. This has been the case all this month. Seems, all my self-boastings of being able to juggle multiple projects was just a balloon of hot air with its moorings torn! 

The idea of slicing 24 hours into chunks of project times, leaving space for sleep, cook, workout and self time, seemed very approachable, modular and entirely accomplishable; When I first charted it out. I made the supreme sacrifice of waking up early (I am SO not a morning person!!!) so to not have my workout compromised by whatever the day may hold. Then commutes were reserved for reading, mornings a novel, evenings something to enlarge my brain. Projects were spread through the day. Early evenings were to be for catching up on blog and related activities, cooking dinner or my version of meditation (otherwise called slothing) and then SLEEP!

Glutenfree Peach Shortbread with crumble topping

Glutenfree Peach Shortbread with crumble topping

So far, work and meditation are the only things that have been realised! For one, my commute to the city is a whole lot longer than I expected!! Meaning, I have to wake way longer than I planned and feel way more exhausted than I thought. So, inevitably, between entering the door and grabbing my dinner, I stay in a state of torpor. Somehow, I manage to water the plants in a haze and then gratefully find my way to plopping on the couch, drained in every possible way. 

I quickly learned the simplicity of cooking ahead during the weekend. I am a restless eater. So, making large portions to freeze is not my thing. Instead, I switched multiple dishes of regular portions. Fortunately, this serves the dual purpose of nourishing me as well as the blog! 

But, that is about all I manage to do. Oh, I do feel guilty about not being to move the few feet between couch to computer to type up something for the blog. So, I drag myself to the chair, stare at an empty screen for a long time and then feeling sorry for myself resort to two of the soothing activities - working on photos (I absolutely love the zen feeling that accompanies this!) and e-window shopping (I love the adrenalin rush that accompanies such fashion browsing!) and then slink back to the couch, tail between legs and ears way, way down seeking refuge in yet another episode of West Wing.....

Anyway, this was my long winded explanation of my rather infrequent recent posting. I am very hopeful that this is just growing pains, that me and my mind will readjust to the commute and schedule and find a way to get everything done. I will persist in trying to make the worlds meet and mate. But, taking that with a pinch of salt, I request you to bear with me, when I have little to say beyond the photos and helpful recipes. Content I have a lot of, visually! Thank you! :)

With that I'll segue into the real subject of today's post. Albeit it is the Peach Shortbread, but really it is the multipurpose gluten free recipe for the shortbread that makes a great coffee cake as well as tea cookies! This one is a keeper, I promise!!

Gluten Free Peach Shortbread

The amount of crust here will make enough for a 5 inch square pan with leftover to make cookies. Simply roll out remaining dough to 1/4 inch thickness, cut into shapes and bake with the shortbread but just for 12 minutes. Cool and then dip into chocolate ganache for decadence!


1 cup + 2 T GF flour blend

1/3 cup butter

1 egg

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla syrup

1 ripe peach, sliced thin

1 T raw sugar

Process butter, sugar, egg, vanilla and one cup flour to make compact batter that is smooth but press able consistency .

Press 3/4 of the batter into 5inch square pan. Arrange peach on top.

Whisk remaining batter with raw sugar and the two tablespoons of flour to make a crumbly mix to spread on top of peaches.

Bake at 375 for 20-25 mins until golden brown.


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