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Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017!

Around this time, I know it is typical to make resolutions and set goals for the year. In the past, I have thought about this. 2016 was such a packed year that I am still processing all that happened and building myself through these experiences. Oddly, I had set aside the last 2 weeks of the year when I was back in NYC as "Reflection Time" but I was not too efficient about it. In reality, I simply forgot how many distractions NYC offers and well, I was weak! ha.. But that's ok ... and being ok with plans undone is one of my goals for this year.

I would love to hear what your dreams and plans are for this year. This year is also about being present and available for those whom I can be of help to. So, if there is any way I can be useful for you for, please do reach out to me! You can find here at or on Twitter or Instagram. Even if you just leave a note "Asha, I need your help", I will write back to you

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Lights on 20(14...)15!

Lights on 20(14...)15!

I considered doing a round up of the year like so many we see around this time floating around the web-o-sphere. Some are quite entertaining or inspiring but I realized none really stood out to me as being THE list. So, instead of boring you with a re-hash of previous posts, I decided, I would just be realistic and share a recipe; something you'll probably appreciate a lot more than me waxing about how awesome this year has been for me!

I mean, really, what is the fun in relating only one side of the equation. It simply becomes a gargantuan joke like the Facebook experiment. Everyone knows that there is yin and a yan to life and without the other, neither is appreciated. Yet, it seems society as a whole shuns hearing the 'other' side of life. I am pretty sure someone somewhere has done some study on the hypothesis I am going to expound (if not, it should be done. I think it would be fantastic insight into cultures!).

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2010 - The year that was.....

Wine Glass

Closing in on another year.. another decade... and really, another era. Looking back on this year, I can say, without doubt, it was the toughest one of my life and yet in some ways a really exhilarating and satisfying one.

Two years back, I started this blog with a hope of distraction and a secret desire of something more. This year, I finally could touch the wisps of my secret, not-confessed-even-to-myself, thoughts. It's becoming tangible. It's become something to believe in.. to openly hope for.. to reach out and feel the stars...


Thanks to Mr. FSK some of the highlights of this year has been photography related. Ah! What a new world DSLRs introduce you to.... and then of course, it becomes rather addictive, but, that's ok. It's the healthy kind of addiction! :D

That was one of the best gifts ever and one of the best investments of my life. I could literally see my photographs transforming. This blog is journal of my metamorphosis and I am proud of it.. I am not shy of showing what I was and what I have become and I have goals of what and where I want to be...Flip back a year and you'll see my journey visually laid out in every successive post...

Apple and Cranberry Latkes with Yogurt and Honey

Receiving lovely compliments from fellow bloggers and photographers, whose work I adore and am inspired by, has been absolutely thrilling! And, YAY! to receiving a couple of DMBLGIT badges as well. I also had the opportunity to judge a couple of these contests and got a insider's peak of how contests work making my badges even more special!

And finally, how can I not mention the one event that kept me on my toes and my culinary grey cells on overdrive through the last quarter. Project Food Blog was a real cool initiative that not only gave me many adrenalin rushes but also brought me in touch with some talented bloggers and more importantly fabulous people!

Cherry Tomatoes and white blossoms

So.... I am ready to walk into 2011 with my head held high and swimming with ideas and dreams, and a heart full of hope...I wish you all a brilliant year ahead!! May 2011 bring much joy and laughter into your lives!!! :-))) Let's hold hands and together take life by its bull horns!

Christmas decorations 1

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