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Oh Wheat!


That is a photo from not so long ago. One of my favorite lunches while working from home was a crispy sourdough sandwich stuffed a lot of goodness. I would assemble it the night before and simple toast it in the afternoon. It was a wonderful break from the routine. I sat and read for a bit and life was usually good after that.

Ok, it was kind of good :). In my mind I was relaxed and happy for the break. But, actually, within me at a molecular level, all was not well. Cells fought each other, got angry and basically gave me the middle finger. They let me have it. But, in the post-lunch bliss, I did not perceive these cellular frictions much. Sometimes it took a few hours before I became cognizant of any struggle. And, then as the battle went on for a few days, I always wondered what I had done wrong.

I think I always knew it. But, I didn't want to know it. It has been confirmed.

I am allergic to Wheat.

Yes, I know! WTF!

Ok, I have to be thankful that I am not celiac, or generic gluten intolerant, just wheat. Right now, I am still mulling over what I can eat. There are tons and tons of other grains and stuff. But, there are also an amazing array of stuff that goes into normal eating that carry wheat. I just found out that soy sauce has wheat in it. Why? How? What?! So, yes, no soy sauce obviously. Lol.

I am bit stunned at the moment. But, I know that it is not going to be that limiting. The only thing is I have to be more careful what I eat outside. Oh! And, cook more because that is the best way I can control.

When my doctor gave me the prognosis and asked if I was ok, because I was sitting there looking seemingly vacuous. Oddly, I was already thinking of all the experiments I was going to do with other grains and dishes that I could make. For about five minutes, I couldn't even think of anything I would not be able to eat other than bread and pasta (the latter is fine, the former I am struggling with). Perhaps, a coping mechanism?


Anyway, so you are going to see a fair phasing out of wheat products on this blog and a lot more of other grains and possibly some funky experiments. I like gluten free food anyway. This is simply a good reason to explore more! :)

On that positive note, I bid you a wonderful weekend with some inspirations from the web.

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This is my weekend!! Yay!


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