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Hard to Pronounce Names and Simple Awesomeness

Lamb proscuitto scrambled egg croissant sandwich

Time seems to running away, at least from me! I am a few hours away from heading out for a close couple's wedding, and then, a month long travel, and, I still have so many loose threads trailing around me. I am consciously not calling it my 'to-do list', you see. Calling it that would necessitate the completion of them before I can move on or forever carrying the guilt and anguish of not having done so. While trailing threads leave the assumption that some may remain that way without significant consequence. Perhaps, it is just semantics but it helps shift the dial of my normal control freak-ness; and that is the important goal. 

For example, one of the threads was to write a whole host of schedule ahead posts for the blog. Another was taking an yoga class today to give my body and mind space. Yet another was to cook something and stash in the freezer for when we are back and don't want to really order in. On and on and on. I decided that the first thread can trail for a little longer. I simply did not need to tie that one. Going to the yoga class (yay! I made the later class than originally planned but it still is only a short thread...) made me ever more aware of wanting to be present and not constantly run after a 100 things I would like to do, and, rather focus on the things I can do by priority. Today, that was yoga, this post, last minute shopping, getting my nails done, making sure I was not throwing away good food from the fridge and few other odds and ends.

I got them done. No, it wasn't on the shortest time possible. Perhaps, it wasn't even efficient, particulartly, because I decided I simply had to peak in on a shoe sale on the way to another store. It was not really elegant either; here I am typing this post as my toe nails are being scrubbed and varnish in a wedding nude! But, hey, it's ok. It's ok to meander and enjoy my shopping and try more shades of lipstick than I even want to buy, just because I am there. It is ok to carry my laptop and make the more of the massage chair where my hands have no function otherwise. It is ok to shift the timeline because I took time to make the most of the activity. It's ok!

Meanwhile, in between, I am happy that I atleast manage to feed myself well, actually, really well. Bless the person who invented the freezer and then all the technology revolutions that made it a affordable home appliance! I use it as much as I can for make ahead meals. My favorites are usually meatballs, eggplant parmagiana and such. But, recently a friend recommended a Greek chicken soup that I was shocked to not have heard of before. I am not a chicken soup person typically, but, this one is a rock star!!! It is one of the most comforting, incredibly delicious and satisfying and stupidly easy soups to make. And, it packed with hearty and happy. Even better, it rocks the freezer like no other soup! Avgolemono, it is named. 

Then, there is my staple eggs. Scrambled, soft boiled, sunny side up, fried, poached. Sandwiched between layers of flaky, buttery, crisp, warm croissant, wrapped in meaty lamb prosciutto and coated with creamy, ripe avocado... Life is made!

So, here you go, some inspirations that have been keeping me going recently, happy on a full stomach....

Avgolemeno ( Greek Chicken Soup with Egg-Lemon Sauce)
Lamb proscuitto, egg and avocado sandwich in croissant

Avgolemono, by my favorite Iron Chef, mostly because, she talks less and cooks great... 

Waffle Egg Omelete!!! Yes, I tried this several times! It make quick, easy and really fluffy omelettes, without the oodles of butter you normally need! {you can see from the exclamation marks, how much I love this one!}

These Mini Polenta Stacks are it for group dining with little fuss and no sweat.. Your gluten free friends will really love you.

Lots of popsicles...! Like this one on repeat. You can always depend on Deb as well.. And, I really like this one - vegan and creamy, so much fruit!

Lemon in water. Or more fancily Agua Fresca

Rice paper rolls with all kinds of leftover and planned stuffings. Except mine still have a long way to go before they look pretty. Here is a photorial on rolling a erm, fat joint?!, for you.

LOTS of burgers! Meat and fish. Like this one

And LOTS more of ice cream!! Because I was gifted an awesome ice cream maker and I playing alchemist to my heart's content. This is on my list! Muahahaha! Recipes coming later on the blog {when I get some time on hands.... But I promise!}

Lamb proscuitto, egg and avocado sandwich in croissant
Avgolemeno ( Greek Chicken Soup with Egg-Lemon Sauce)

Happy Week! See you on the other side of ................


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