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Solid Swirls

Escargots on Toast + Dipped in Fried Egg Yolk #PutAnEggOnIt

The gorgeous swirls of a shell. Recently when I was in Florida, I thought I should collect shells from the beach, but I didn't. Actually, in the all the time, I grew up in a coastal city, never once have I had the urge to collect shells! Hmm.. Odd isn't it? Nevertheless, whenever I do see these swirled shells in my fish shop, I have irresistible urge to devour them!

The first time I tasted escargots was well, NOT in France. Many a Parisian bistro, I have passed but I have actually never eaten these typically buttered buggers there despite knowing it to be their delicacy. I actually tasted them in... err. NYC {ok, kill me now!}. In a quaint little French cafe in the West Village; one that defies the capitalism and horrendous restaurant survival rates in the city and still standing despite not ever being full even on peak weekend hours. Even the oh-so-french speaking waitresses, doesn't help pack the location. Yet, I am so glad it continues to exist, because it is an adorably cute place where I had my first crush on these fellas.

Escargots to toast
Pesto Roasted Escargots on Toast + Fried Egg #PutAnEggOnIt

Thing is I don't even know why I am infatuated by them! I remember how they came out. I was super excited about dinner that night. It was this followed by mussels in saffron broth with crusty bread, one of my all time favorite dishes. Anticipation was clearly on a high. The escargots came out in a cute little dish meant for them, doused and I mean beyond-Southern doused in butter. No shell, just the little cringy things on their own. They tasted good, well all the butter helped but I cannot say, why. It was not the texture, which, is chewy, nor the flavor, which, is non-existent.

Yet, that memory seems to stuck in repeat play in my head. I am drawn to snails every time I see them. Add to this, nobody else I know actually likes them. So, typically all mine! :D

So, there is the story, I don't know why I like them but I do. And, if you have never tried them, I would urge you to. They are well and good fried in better but I really do prefer the flavor of the herbs mixed with them. Typically, I eat them as is, but a chance visit to a celebrated NYC bakery (that I actually did not care much for), had me saddled with a loaf of bread. So, cutting through multiple steps, I simply roasted the snails on top of the bread slice, toasting it in the herbed butter and juices of the meat. In this case, I do think the sauce and the meat made the bread divine! It does not a full meal make, and, so, I #PutAnEggOnIt! 


Roasted Escargots in Shell on Sourdough Toast
Pesto Roasted Escargots
Pesto Roasted Escargots on Toast #putaneggonit

Herbed Butter Escargot Toast

with the customary fried egg

4 Escargots in shell stuffed with herb butter

1 slice of sourdough bread

1 egg

Sprinkle of sea salt

pepper and olive oil as needed


Preheat oven to 400 F.

Arrange escargots in shell on top of the slice of bread, stuffed side down.

Bake for 15 minutes until the bread is crispy. Remove and let cool slightly.

While the toast is happening, make a fried egg stove top. Season

To assemble, pick the meat from within the shells. Spread any exuded herb mix as evenly as you can on the toast. Top with fried egg.


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