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Changing a Lifestyle

It is really, really hard! I have known for two years now that I am allergic to wheat and fairly sensitive to many grains, particularly lentils. Technically, I am not celiac or diagnosed with lectin allergy. But, I know what my body tells me. I feel awful if I am understanding of its needs - physically that is, which, eventually translates into emotional under-nourishment as well.

I know I will feel better.

Last week, I was given a somewhat physical evidence of how much my gut was compromised. I read the genotype book. Ok, I am not fully buying in everything there {no bananas or avocados or pork!!! Makes no sense}. 

Yet, there was reiteration of somethings I already knew about myself - wheat and lentils are not good for me. He actually says toxic but let's not go that far!

Anyway, a way of measuring how much your gut has take a battering, is, he explains, to look for horizontal lines cutting through your fingerprint ridges. 

I look at my fingers and there are so many, many of them! It literally gave me a jolt and told me to stop taking my body for granted. A croissant or sourdough slice a week is certainly no bargain for potential stomach lining fracture! So, finally, the tipping point happened. I decided to quit cold turkey. For 3 months!

I know I will feel better. I want to see how much better and what else is affected. But in the mean time, I am struggling. I am constantly hungry.

Worse, when I am on the move, I find it very hard to find food I can eat, at a reasonable price. I hit places like DigInn when I can but there are not a lot of lunch places that have a restricted diet friendly menu, other than salads {bleh!}

This cracker snack/meal is one of the things I have been eating on repeat. It's awesome and very, very repeatably satisfying!


Those of you who are paleo, grain free, gluten intolerant, what do you do, when cooking ahead and carrying lunch is not an option?

TRuffled Cracker Snackers

{For when hunger strikes and you are feeling whimsy}

I found these puffed rice and quinoa crackers that seem to work well for me even though I don't do so well, when I eat regular rice. So, I have been keeping these on hand for those in between times and for regular meals! They seriously make a better toast - crunchy, yet light...

The recipe is person, based on how much I eat. So, it is indicative. Please scale per your liking.

2 eggs

3 slices of smoked salmon

3-4 rice and quinoa crackers

1 Persian cucumber sliced (what I don't use, I simply munch on)

4 drops of black truffle oil

2 T sour cream or labneh

1/2 a lemon

salt and olive oil as needed

In a small frying pan, heat oil and crack the eggs into it. On low heat, scramble and slow cook to really soft consistency.

Remove from heat and fold in the truffle oil evenly.

Now, assemble the rest. Schmear the labneh on the crackers. top with eggs divided equally.

Places slices of salmon and cucumber.

Finish with a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil.

Relish and repeat!


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK