A Democratic Burger...

 Quinoa Burgers sandwiched in Chickpea Buns

Quinoa Burgers sandwiched in Chickpea Buns

You may have seen these before. Around on Pinterest, maybe even on this blog, hopefully where it was originally published.. in the inaugural issue of my magazine, NOURISHED - REBIRTH. These burgers are my Phoenix story!

You are curious now, aren't you? Well, here is the story. Two years ago, I launched a venture, FOODLY. It was a wonderful idea born to a first time accidental and reluctant entrepreneur, ME! So, yes, I screwed it up. Every possible way. Unexpectedly, I took the 12 months of bleh results rather well. Actually, I think I was just saying "See! I told you, I was not meant to be running my own anything!". I folded FOODLY in early 2015.

These burgers are my Phoenix story!

Yet, something lives on.

The reason for FOODLY was that I wanted to do something to make a change in our relationship with food. After years of self-learning and talking to many people, I realised we were not in a good place.

Sure, I could make better choices and live in the knowledge that I was not contributing to worsening the situation. But, that was not enough. I had to make a difference bigger than me. FOODLY was an experiment in that. The concept may not have been commercially successful but in a way, it kept the fire burning. And, a small part of it did become a success.

NOURISHED, the magazine was launched as part of a heavily weighed down package that was FOODLY. It is the one bit that survived and has told me that I created something people wanted and I loved sharing! A win-win all around.

Today, it has become more. More on that in another post. 

Let's get back to these burgers today. 


the courage to change the accident into deliberation!

I had posted a link to the gluten free burger buns on FOODLY and linked to it here. It is easily one of my most pinned images. The link in the older post was no longer valid (it is repointed now). I had forgotten about it until a lovely reader wrote to me last week asking for the recipe. Then I realised how many people wanted the recipe and had commented asking for it, breathing fresh air into my publishing lungs.

Sorry, I did not read your comments before. I wish I had. It means than you may ever know. One day, maybe I'll get the chance to shout my thanks to you from a stage. Meanwhile, know that your ask made a big difference. Because it gives me the courage to change the accident into deliberation!

Thank you!

And here is the updated recipe for the Chickpea Burger Buns and Quinoa Burgers in the newly launched NOURISHED Mag site!!

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