Let's get the red going...!!

 Lemon cookies soaked in Matcha pudding makes a startling luscious dessert!

Lemon cookies soaked in Matcha pudding makes a startling luscious dessert!

 The very red Red Mill barn in Clinton, NJ shot on a cold winter sunset...

The very red Red Mill barn in Clinton, NJ shot on a cold winter sunset...

Yep, I am bringing it!

The full-on Red Week!

Every year, around this time, I wrap myself in cynicism, as the Web O'Sphere magically wraps itself in hearts and red ribbons. I start by smirking and half rolling my eyes, and, then, by and by, just fall in love with the amazing creativity that people exhibit around this time of the year. Recipes and choices have evolved to become much more subtle like this or this. Gone are the days of the cheesy hearts and chocolatey gooeyness. And, then I rejoice.

Because, this truly brings some of the best creative times of the year. Between Super Bowl, Valentine's, Grammy's and the Oscars, there are so many reasons to come together as an online community and celebrate. And, there is such an explosion of awesomeness that it really is very, very hard to not be swept by it all. Even if one is an institutionalized skeptic! 

So, each year, I find myself mellowing slowly and giving in to all the happy cuddling. Over the years, I have played with savory beef wraps, and tempting red lusciousness to simple morning routines, and sharing the love with one and all. One year, I scored an absolutely historic touchdown with this layered pavlova.


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This year, I am planning something slightly different. I want to do a little of sweet and some savory; all with a twist. I am reaching for something that reminds us of how life is always a mix of the two and that's what makes it a beautiful journey. 

Today, I have a matcha pudding for you, served as a trifle with lemon cookies. I made the lovely pudding but used store cookies. The idea is to have the pudding soak through the cookies, so they soft like sponge cake. Because, if you use cake, it really disintegrates. 

I have an interesting relationship with matcha. And, well, I suppose green tea in general. I really don't like it in any tea form. You'll definitely not find me slurping a matcha latte. 

But, matcha in cakes and custards is awesome. One of the best pie shops in the city, briefly had a matcha curtard pie that I was infatuated with and the infamous Lady M does a 7 layer matcha cream crepe cake that is divine! 

little of sweet and some savory; all with a twist

I suppose, it is not really a surprise that I got my pastry on with matcha too. What I like about this pudding is its earthy sweetness. The Earth from the matcha and sweet from the brown sugar custard. Lemon is a wonderful pairing with the matcha; the citrus brightens it up and makes it better dessert all together.

So here I am. Being swept along in the wave and, yet, trying to cut a different stroke.

Will you help me and let me know how I do?

Just drop me a comment or an email please?

Matcha Pudding

1/2 cup whole milk

1/2 cup half and half

1 egg + 1 yolk

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 tsp matcha powder

In a heavy bottomed pan, heat the two milks until it is at a bare simmer.

Whisk in the matcha to fully incorporate and let it steep.

Meanwhile, whisk together the eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy.

Slowly stream in the hot milk into the egg mixture, while whisking continuously to prevent it from scrambling.

Pour the custard back into a clean pan and on low heat keep stirring until it thickens enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon.

Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature before refrigerating.

To make the trifle, layer cookies and custard and refrigerate for a few hours to set before serving