Savory Waffles with Red Millet and Einkorn Flours

 Chickpea and Einkorn Waffles with chorizo hash, poached eggs, sliced Summer tomatoes and avocado.

Chickpea and Einkorn Waffles with chorizo hash, poached eggs, sliced Summer tomatoes and avocado.

Savory waffles are a delight! 

I didn't know how many people stood with me on that until I saw how popular this post from my last weekend was on my Instagram! Thank you for telling me what you love and that it something I made. It is always such a joy when something hits the mark, especially so with food. Having a hugely liked post on Instagram, where I post my every day eats, is like you came to dinner and said "I would really like to take the leftovers home and can you pack in the recipe as well please!"

I feel all glowy inside and to think that you and I share this common opinion of a dish that I am particularly partial to makes it so much more special! Ok, I'll stop gushing and give you the recipe already.

 Chickpea and Einkorn Waffles with chorizo hash, poached eggs, sliced Summer tomatoes and avocado

Chickpea and Einkorn Waffles with chorizo hash, poached eggs, sliced Summer tomatoes and avocado

Oh! Before I shoot off with the recipe, I just want to say a few words about this dish. It has pretty much all my favorite brunch components. Eggs, those luscious rich orange yolks ones from this farm. Perfectly ripe (non-organic) avocados from my local A&P, which, ironically has THE best avocadoes I have tasted. Thick sliced summer tomatoes oozing with flavor. Chorizo, oh chorizo! New potatoes, need I say more. And, the subject of adoration, Waffles.

I love waffles. I don't know why. It may be a psychological thing. I had not tasted one until 10 years ago and have owned a waffle maker since less than a year ago. Yet, it has become one of my favorite things to make and experiment with. Perhaps, it is the absolute ease of it. Perhaps, it is how cheap the maker is! Perhaps, it is that for a wheat allergic person, waffles offer the most adaptable form of carb vehicle. Mostly, it probably that it takes 15 mins from start to finish and I can use the maker year around, without pre-planning, sweltering or really any discomfort.

The waffle is the only food item that hits the holy trinity of Good, Fast AND Cheap!

That's all I have to say :) Now for the waffle recipe.

Red Millet and Einkorn Waffles 

with Z'atar and Fresh Basil

{makes about 5 waffles}

One note about the liquid measures. I typically add the liquid as needed since I cook with senses rather than measuring cups. So, I would recommend adding the egg, buttermilk and oil as given and then topping off with the milk as needed. Depending on the type of milk you use the viscosity varies and accordingly the consistency of the batter. What you are looking to stop at is a thin batter than is nearly runny but not quite. It will be thinner than a regular pancake batter. You certainly do no want a thick clumpy. Millet and Einkorn are dense and protein rich flours and the denser the batter, the less it cooks in the center and heavier it feels in the body.

Always allow for the first waffle to be a trial one. Much like ovens, waffle iron efficiency varies by brand and age. Play with the batter because it is a very forgiving one. You can add more liquid or flour as needed to adjust the end product.

Because you are making a thinner batter it cooks fast, I also recommend using a lower iron setting. On mine, the range is form 1-5 and I set it at 4 to start and for the second waffle onwards, when the iron is well pre-heated, turn it down to 3. This also works well in the aesthetics department. Red millet lends a richer color to the batter and the waffle will be naturally of a deeper caramel color. A high setting may make it look burnt.


1/2 cup red millet flour

1/2 cup einkorn flour

1 egg

3/4 tsp baking soda

1 tsp z'atar

handful of basil leaves, torn

2 T olive oil

1/4 cup buttermilk

1/2 cup almond milk

salt and pepper as needed

Sift the flours together with the baking soda. Season with salt, pepper and z'atar.

Make a well in the center and add all the wet ingredients.

Whisk together to create a smooth batter. Please read note above to adjust the milk quantity if needed.

Set batter aside for at least 15 minutes. You can pre-heat the waffle iron at this time. If not using immediately, cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days (depends on your eggs. If they are not so fresh, then use it sooner).

When the waffle iron is ready, pour about 1/3 cup of batter for each waffle and cook per instructions.