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  • Would you date your best friend to find out your weakness? This pair did just that for 40 days and recorded their experience with a lot of collaborative art work. They got a lot more than a report card - namely, a book deal and a possible movie!
  • Speaking about digging for the truth, apparently he isn't lying when your husband/BF/dad does not make that event you were looking forward to, again?! He is just pretending. And, he is not alone!
  • Most of us have trouble keeping up with this whole blogging game and being consistent about it. Seth Godin says the solution is really as simple as saying "Go!". I mean, he is THE man, after all! And, while you are refocusing on your writing with renewed energy, here are some tips to not be a bad writer.
  • War on sugar - The latest and greatest in food industry polarization, probably even more than GMOs. Some like it and many really, really, don't! How sugar is in that bag, really, that they don't want to shout it out from the top of mountains!
  • Us vs Them: When it is Elon Musk, he is definitely in "THEM".
  • Planning a holiday or just a bit of random searching. Whereeve you are going or want to go, FiveThirtyEight did some leg work and number crunching to tell you who can get you there fastest and how.
  • Etsy has grown up and IPOed. Now there is a new kid on the bloc. Bulgarian born Dimitar hit on a brainwave to sell his grandmas artisanal socks as the chic and designer BlocSocks. They really are rather cute! Seemingly, everybody wins, even your grandma's weekly crochet club.
  • Wouldn't we all like to stumble onto wine (errr.. making)...!
  • Ah yes, Conflict Nails. Apparently, there is no free lunch in the salon industry. 
  • She could have been one very high elderly lady, but how sad for General Mills that she was too conscientious.

Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK