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Is it Healthy?

Is it Healthy?

Now, the choice between healthy and desire is a tough one. As anyone who has tried any form of change can attest to... I just needed to find a bridge.

That is when I appreciated the singular merit I see in smoothie bowls - The convenience of combining my two breakfasts into one delivery! It broke no convenience limits because I always ate the granola in a bowl and I certainly didn't bother with artistic presentation of additional fruits. This was perfect!

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The Season of Apples and Pears


It is upon us indeed. In full flow. The first of them came a month or so ago and then they kept coming.. in different sizes and shapes. Some sweet, some tart, some firm, some grainy. But all a full representation of Fall and then Winter.

As the leaves change color and finally shake themselves loose off the branches with the cold wind, the fruits turn golden and red and overflow from wooden baskets that are a throwback to turn of the century buckets.

fall collage

As part of the CSA fruit share, I have had rather an abundance of apples and pears this year. Usually, I am flustered with the bounty and my incapacity to consume as much as I get. This year have been pleasurably different!

What with the Vitamix that my birthday gift {!!! :)}, hosting some dinners and getting onboard with making chutneys and jams, they have been rapidly put to good use. My favorite use of them all is the one that uses my beloved vitamix! For several week days, I have been making these awesome no-fuss smoothies that takes a couple of minutes to make and is perfect as breakfast or after run protein boost!


As I sit by the window on my fall colored cushions, sipping on this smoothie and watching the falling leaves dance and twirl wind/gust/breeze, I cannot but help the smile that creeps up on me, filling me with joy inside out!

Apple and Pear Oat Smoothie

1 large apple, cored and diced

1-2 pears, cored and diced

1/3 cup rolled oats, raw

1/4 cup almond milk

1/4 cup water

Process all the ingredients together until you get a smooth liquid. Pour into glasses and enjoy.

This smoothie does not need any more sweetening than the ripe fruits provide but you can always add dates for added flavor.

I resolve...


1. to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)

2. to separate into constituent or elementary parts; break up; cause or disintegrate

3. to reduce or convert by, or as by, breaking up or disintegration

4. to convert or transform by any process

5. to reduce by mental analysis


January is assumed to be the time of the year to make resolutions... make lists of dos and don'ts for the year ahead. Nothing wrong with the concept but I don't know if it's realistic.. at all..

Aren't we all living a continuum? Why are we then discrete about our resolutions, binary even?!

Why not aim for the fluid and dance with the greys?


It is indeed easier, I grant, to be, shall we say, 'motivated' by everyone around us to make our own wish lists albeit to better our lives. But then, does it make it just transient and superficial.

I do too. And, then I realise that never really works for me. Because, I forgot about one important variable... ME! Yep, that's it.. I am a variable. For that reason alone, not much I plan at the start of the year holds for more than even three months!


The thing is I have no intention of losing my variability, which, I will narcissistically call as versatility (who is to argue with me?! ;-))

So, this year, as well, I made a list. I have not torn it up yet. Instead, I am choosing to use it as a 'guide' rather than a rigid rule :)


I resolve to live ... WELL.. :)

haha.. Well is varying definition isn't it?! ;-)

For starters, I am doing the healthy bit, which hopefully will be here to stay! In that spirit, I leave you with a smoothie of fruits and homemade yogurt. Nothing beats watching cultures play their magic on a bit of milk!


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