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The New.. And a "Royal Salute"


The end of October and beginning of November is usually a pretty heavy on the cheer and wishes... There is always Halloween and my birthday, then there is usually Diwali and other ad hoc reasons to celebrate like friends running a marathon or moving into a new home.. :)

It has been a hectic, yet awesome few weeks packed with high adrenalin work like packing, unpacking, finding a new place and slowly settling in. I find it funny that everything before goes in a blur but the making of a new home takes a very very long time! There is the usual haul that makes a house instantly warm and lived in but the smaller little things that take more time are usually what makes it a home. Patience is a virtue and I need spades of it.. LOL


The bright side is that I love my new neighborhood! There is a small park across from me, lined with trees. So, as I work at my desk I look onto brilliant Fall colors. Even better, every Sunday, year round, there is a farmers' market! My first visit was yesterday and despite the sudden cold, I was warmed by the sight of fresh produce, eggs and lots of local meat purveyors. I am so excited. It is small but adequate and more importantly, convenient, without the need to lug around the bags in the subway!

Then, of course it is a lot more neighborhoody, peaceful and green. The photos of

Halloween in my last post

are from the new hood.


I am so excited to discover the new area and the parks around. So different from the Upper East Side yet somewhat reminiscent. However, Brooklyn is distinctly different from Manhattan. There is a certain calmness that is alluring and a break from the mad rush and constant run. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Manhattan. It has been my real home and one that I went through a lot of internal struggle before deciding to leave. But, it is a lovely break to step away from the heart racing pace and pressure to continually run. I am the kind who likes a lot of breathing space between work and home and being an island away helps ;)

I am also glad I moved around Halloween and Diwali. I am not religious but I have convinced myself of a link between Dussera (another Indian festival), Halloween and Diwali. Doing away with the darkness and bringing in light and consciousness. Anyway, the thing is I enjoy festivals because they are a reason to get together and celebrate. I have a special love for Diwali because, for me, it is always associated with a lot of beautiful lamps, great food and tons of laughter...


So here I am raising a toast and wishing you all a very happy and prosperous year ahead! May the light enter your lives anew and help your find everything you seek!

And for the season, I concocted a warm cocktail. I call it Royal Salute! ;-)

Royal Salute

{for 2}

2 cups brewed Royal Earl Grey

1/2 cup blackberry liquer (homemade and vodka based)

handful of pomegranate arils

1/4 lime sliced + 2 slices for garnish

Muddle the of lime slices (other than garnish) with the pomegranate arils.

Divide between two mugs. Add a 1/4 cup of blackberry liquer in each. Top with freshly brewed Royal Earl Grey.

Serve garnished with lime slices and pomegranate arils.


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