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{TNY} Taste New York: Bohemian, NYC


Eight years ago, this time, I was in an entirely different part of the world, a city I adore and would revisit on the drop of a hat! Tokyo!

If I were to introspect, I began the process of becoming me in this city. For the first time, I was living on my own; making my choices freely and without question, away from the cautions and constraints of what and where I grew up. I worked where I dreamed of working and loved my job and team; there was enough challenge and rich rewards! I was happy. This was in my early tweens. Yeah! I just made up that word. It is so apt for that period of my life. I was my own!


It was also when I was amazed and tantalized by an entirely new palate and I completely fell in love with Japanese cuisine. It was new, fresh, flavorful. I could taste the ingredients {as much as Indian food is tasty, everything really gets overcooked and ingredients are masked by spices :)}. I never liked fish before Japan. I was enthralled by these ocean creatures forever after!

Then, I moved to New York. I love this city and call it my home. But, alas! It holds no candle to Tokyo on food. OK! I said it! Especially, when it is about Japanese food. Call me snooty, call be shortsighted in nostalgia, but I have not found a place that comes anywhere close to the experience in Japan.


Yet, when I first heard of Bohemian, I wanted to go there ASAP! Well, it's a PDT.. So yeah, that thing about rising to a challenge....That happened. It was, conveniently, very well reviewed. And, the clincher, they were proudly Japanese. Check, check and check.

So, after a few attempts, I got through to making a reservation one fine evening this Spring. It was a lovely experience. The drinks are fantastic! The food is perfectly cooked. And, the atmosphere is intimate but not crowded. We opted for the tasting menu, which, well, is way too much food to go around but I still ate every bit of it, even though I was stuffed by the third course! It was that good!

Through the meal, what piqued me was the reason behind the intent to keep it a PDT and make it that hard to get through. By the end of it, I realised something. And, I cannot thank them enough for their choice of policy!


For the first time, I was enjoying a wonderful meal without being elbowed by my neighbor, even though it was a small space. There was no overwhelming din of everybodys' conversation, over which, you can neither have an intimate conversation nor one without getting a sore throat. I realise, often times, in this city, it is a fight to see and hear your fellow diners.. of your party! Because the next ones' is a tad too close to you. After innumerable NYC experience of, well, pretty much in-your-face dining, this was an entirely refreshing experience!

The pleasure of a beautiful evening. Of delicious food, clinking glasses, dancing chopsticks, tinkling laughter and twinkling eyes. The amazement of simple happiness revisited. The memories and the truth in them.

It reminded me of Tokyo.


Two seatings. Few Tables. No waiting.

If you want it, make the effort to get it.

It is highly recommended!!


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK