Germany ... A quick walk through the West

Holocaust Memorial in Bonn

** I have just been given an embarrassing lesson in left-right or in this case East-West. Kindly pardon the oversight **

I will be brutally frank here. As

sight seeing

goes, East Germany was, perhaps, my least favorite of my four-country self-discovery European journey. But, that is not to say, that it did not add to my

wide-eyed awed intake of the world at large

. I discovered, as chance made it happen, much about myself... from about 10 years ago to now,

a transition as seen through other eyes


At Aachen

That said, there were a few gems that stay in my mind; not to mention the richly adorned catholic history generously scattered through the region. From Bonn, the old capital of Germany to Aachen the ancient seat of coronation, there is a

distinct presence of the churches

. However, I am unsure of it's grasp which, today, seems tenuous at best in the country.


Aachen is historic for its splendidly appointed cathedral that hosts the remains of sainted Charlemagne and a stunning treasury second only to the Vatican itself. Incidentally, not far away from history are the bloomings of modernity and cross-border culturalism. I walked into a really cute cafe that was as rom-com as the cathedral was brooding and dark.


I spent a couple of leisurely afternoons warmed by the Fall sun walking through Dusseldorf, sipping on truly good coffee and admiring the pride the city residents had for their micro-brewed alt beers!


So, what made this visit great for me?

Al, my dear friend

who sweetly hosted me in Bonn and took to

this wonderful tea place

! And, a chance exchange on Facebook (yes, I grudgingly accepted there is some good in Zuckerberg...!), led to an reconnection after almost a decade that vividly pictured to me the before and after of myself! Truly insightful, I'll say!


Happy week



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