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Good Morning Weekend!

Baked eggs - ham, yellow beets, spinach

Ah yes! It's here again. Finally. Thank ye Lord... Yes, the weekend!!

After 5 days of stress, tension, hard work, doing things one doesn't really enjoy, facing life, facing the realities... it's finally time for a release, an escape, enjoying life, living the fantasies....

Egg sandwich - chives scrambled egg, spinach on scone

The dual life indeed. We all live it; To varying degrees. Sometimes its a duet, sometimes a gamble. Which will win, who will survive the game? That life's constant score..

We change, we live, we choose, we move on... nothing is constant, everything has a place, and all is never lost... It's a cycle and it isn't how fast you get around but how much you enjoy it and live in it..

scrambled eggs in pan

And, that depends on where and how you start the circle... I say, put your best foot forward and start with an awesome breakfast! Of farm fresh eggs... some fresh greens.. a touch of ham perhaps... a sprinkle of herbs or the kiss of spice ... the day's bread..

Shirred or Stirred - the eggs are the star of the meal and the way to get a healthy start for all that the weekend has in store and the week after has to bore...

baked eggs1

Continue for the recipes...

Shirred Eggs over Yellow Beets, Spinach and Ham

For each individual serving:
1 egg
1-2 yellow beet sliced thin (using a mandolin), depending on slice
1 cup raw spinach, loosely filled
4 thick-ish slices of German ham
1/2 tsp dukka
salt as needed
1 T butter, melted
Preheat the oven to 400F.
Blanch the beet slices in boiling water and set aside. Butter the individual bowls. Arrange a layer of beet slices, slightly overlapping them. Brush with melted butter and season with salt and dukka. Place 2 slices of ham, top with spinach. Sprinkle some dukka. Repeat the ham and beet layer, brush with more butter and sprinkle the remaining dukka. Crack the egg over the arrangement.
Cover with foil and bake at 400 for 15 minutes. Remove foil and bake for 3 more minutes until the whites are fully cooked yet the yolk is runny. Sprinkle with z'atar and serve immediately.

Slow Scrambled Eggs

5 eggs
1/4 cup light cream
2 T fresh herbs
2 T melted butter

I strongly recommend a cast iron pan to make scrambled eggs. The slow heat makes for the creamiest, soft cooked eggs.

Brush the pan with the butter. Break the eggs into a cold pan and pour half the cream. Switch the heat on to low. Gently stir the eggs and cream together. Never beat the eggs and let it cook real slow. Patience is indeed a virtue on this one.

Continually stir the eggs till they are custard like in texture. This takes about 30 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the herbs. The eggs will continue cooking from the heat. Gently stir the remaining cream into the scrambled eggs when it reaches the consistency you want. The cream will stop the cooking.

Serve immediately.


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK