Pickled Pork Belly Steamed Buns

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Some weekends back, I had an epic baking session. I need to revisit that again. In the meantime, I promised a stream of recipes from that foodgasmic 48 hours. I have shared some already, of the Croissants and decadent Chocolate & Chestnut Pavlova.

Now, it time for some bread, but not baked.. Steamed. Chinese variety. With an Indian twist. Something like the Vindaloo but not quite.


My fascination with steamed buns stems from my days living in Tokyo. The variety of fillings and flavors and the very convenience of them was thrilling to me. Yet, it has taken me so long to relive it at home.

When I finally decided to make them, I was struck with the sudden dilemma of which Asian inspiration to align with - the Japanese or Chinese. Finally, this mantou post swung the pendulum well in the "C" favor.


So, I adapted the mantou recipe and filled it with the tangy, sour, sweet pickled pork belly, twisted each bag bag into a gift parcel and steamed it to a perfect lunch!