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Published!!!! G2Kitchen Special Christmas Issue


I can hardly describe how thrilled I am to make this announcement. The special Christmas issue of G2Kitchen is out. I have waited to write this post for two months! Ever since, Juls invited me to a guest contributor for this issue. Also, this is my first publication!! Words cannot describe how incredibly excited and proud I am about it!! :))

This issue is about celebration, each in her own way, personal and communal at the same time. From the continental Europe to the Americas to India, Christmas is celebrated all over the world. There is a common theme but each region has an unique flavor. And, in this issue, we have come together to capture that universal yet unique spirit.

NYC lit up
NYC lit up for the Holidays

In India, Christianity as a faith has existed since long before the wave of colonization started. But, it was after the European settlers discovered the merits of this resource rich country, did the belief in the Christianity truly take flight, spreading all across the country and especially along the coasts.

Although not a Christian myself, I have been far from removed from the festivities of Christmas. Growing up, this time of the year meant seeing star shaped paper lanterns hanging outside the doors of Christian homes. The tropical climate of the country does not really allow for Christmas trees, so decorating one was not a tradition.


Ofcourse, every special occasion in India is about food! Afterall, people come together best over a good meal. Cuisine as with culture is a blend of the indigenous and the adopted (from the settlers) and this interesting mix makes for a richly laden table on such occasions.

Pork Vindaloo
Goan Pork Vindaloo

Representing the Christian strongholds of Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, I chose to showcase the festival through the unique Goan Pork Vindaloo and Christmas Fruit Cake. The latter is actually a family recipe generously shared by my friend's mom. Thanks to the Mathew family for sharing this recipe with us! :-)

Fruit Cake, ready to eat
Christmas Fruit Cake

You can read about Christmas in India and also get the recipes for these two distinctively Christmas-y dishes from the G2Kitchen magazine. There are also so many more traditional and personal touches to browse through. It's a fantastic issue with mouthwatering contributions from around the world!!

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