Rice and Sprouted Mung Bean Crumpets

Tartines made with rice and mung bean crumpets, hummus, and, lamb proscuitto and fresh brewed coffee!

Tartines made with rice and mung bean crumpets, hummus, and, lamb proscuitto and fresh brewed coffee!

For many, breakfast is a ritual; age practised moves of grinding the coffee, making an espresso or press, pouring of granola into a bowl, some milk or yogurt, catching the early news before the day breaks, all done with time honed efficiency. Perhaps, some even have things ready to go the night before and it is just a matter of a press, pour and slurp in the morning. 

For some, with the leisure of starting later in day or perhaps, waking really early, it can be a more elaborate rhythm. An omelette, slices of toast, fresh fruit, oatmeal, some thing warm. Yet, barring a few, while it sounds a lot more leisurely, it is still a routine.

You may find it restrictive and devoid of imagination, but the thing about routine is that it is comforting. If you have a morning routine, there is pleasure in knowing that no matter how bad today goes, there is that to look forward to tomorrow when it will be your own little balancing wheel. And, if today goes amazingly well, you know tomorrow will come around to tell you that you are still on Earth and not floating in stratosphere. Yet, if all is the same either way, well, then, do something to shake it up! 

I love a good read with my morning bite! Rice and Sprouted mung bean crumpet tartines with coffee.

I love a good read with my morning bite! Rice and Sprouted mung bean crumpet tartines with coffee.

Me? I have my routine. It is a simple one. Granola, tea and the latest novel I am reading for a precious half hour while I slowly (very very slowly!) come to life. I probably am addicted to that routine, so much so that I can get a bit tetchy if the granola or tea jar is empty. The irony, of course, is that I am the one who has to fill the granola jar. In that moment, however, I am usually wishing that it would be nice if someone else had been thoughtful to fill it. Anyway, I digress. Yes, granola and tea mornings are what make me tolerable. 

And, in about a couple of hours, I am usually hungry again. Inevitably, it will be too early for lunch and I will be too restless for change to have another go at the granola. To the question popping in your head - No, I cannot eat more granola in the first place as I don't like the feeling of being full.

I need to have something satisfying enough to tide me to lunch yet, small enough that I am not too full. Mostly I have an egg (yep, score 2!) or some fruit with nut butter. But sometimes, if I am working from home, then I look upon an opportunity to shake a little creativity, particularly, if I am trying to procrastinate. Haha!

Anyway, out of hopelessness is borne love, nay?! One of those creations was this crumpet. To be fair, it started out as an yeasted pancake experiment that I had thought of the night before but, restless as I am and thinking on the spur that a crumpet would be nicer, I decided to go with that.

So, this small bite  came together as glutenfree crumpets made with rice and sprouted mung bean flour, smeared with hummus and topped with lamb proscuitto (from my butcher) and fresh mint. Mind blowingly good!

It is surprisingly light for being a bean heavy dish and for that protein packed reason, leaves you feeling rather satisfied while that and the rice gives you a spurt of energy to face the morning with something approaching enthusiasm. Hey! It is Monday after all! As to the flavors, lamb and hummus behave like couple souls while the mint looks upon the lot with a doting sprightliness that only makes you feel rather fond of the whole dish and envelops you in a cheery outlook! 

Happy Monday! :)

Rice and Sprouted Mung Bean Crumpets

This recipe needs atleast 18 hours of soaking for the beans to sprout plus another 2 hours of slow fermentation on the counter. You can also leave it ferment overnight in the fridge. If your house is usually cooler, leave it in an off oven or by the kitchen boiler. I highly recommend that you leave them to sprout for better flavor as well as better absorption by the body. So, plan to begin this at least one day in advance.

You can store any unused batter in the fridge for another two or so days and it is just as good. The yeast action stops after the first 24 hours. 


1/2 cup white rice

1/2 cup whole green mung beans

water for soaking 

1/4 tsp yeast

1/4 cup water for batter

1 tsp salt

Pour enough water over the rice and beans to cover. You can put them both in the same bowl.

Set aside in a warm place, covered for 18 to 24 hours until the beans sprout, changing the water every 12 hours or when it gets cloudy.

When the beans have sprouted, drain all the water. Add to the blender with a fresh 1/4 cup of water and pulse to smooth puree.

Transfer to a bowl and add the yeast. Rest at room temperature for two hours or overnight in the fridge.

In the morning, give it a stir, add the salt to taste.

Heat a cast iron pan and pour oil to create a thin film. Place 2-3 the crumpet molds in the pan (as much as fit) and pour about a 1/4 cup of batter into each.

Reduce heat and let it gently brown on the pan side and bubble on top. When the edges stat curling away, about 3 minutes, gently remove the molds and flip over the crumpets.

Cook for another couple of minutes and serve immediately. You can schemear with hummus as I did or simply use butter and honey, which is also awesome!