{WALK} NEW YORK series is an ode to some of my favorite spots in the city across the boroughs.

New York is a walking city. At any hour of the day or night you will find people out and about, whether they are going in or coming out of work or have a grand time around town.

What captivates me about the city, more than everything else is the unique eccentricities of the place defined by the people who live there. The city is famously multicultural and yet with deep ethnic pockets. It is almost an archipelago of cultures.

My greatest pleasure is in finding, exploring and cherishing this amazingness that is this city. In that lies its vibe, passion and energy. Without the amazing spirit of the people who live and/or work here, this would not be one of the greatest cities of the world.

In this series, I hope to give you a peek into the flavors of the different 'hoods. And, in doing so, I hope to get closely acquainted with them myself.

There is simply nothing like being a tourist in one's own backyard! :)