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Velveteers - Pears and BBQ Baby Back Ribs for fruitful meatiness! and a Giveaway

Pear Gelee with Beef Short Ribs

Sooo.. I am super late with the Velveteers posting this month. I am one of those people who is anal about trying to be on time. Nevertheless, I usually am not too far off the mark, unlike this month. All blame to the weekly travel I have been doing recently...

But, this dish wouldn't have come to be, if not for that travel. So, no complaints,after all! :) While away in Ithaca last weekend, we stayed at a lodge close to Watkins Glen State Park and for dinner one of the nights, I had ordered barbecue short ribs, which, was the night's special.

And, they were good. Melt in your mouth tenderness and they literally fell off the bone as if they just needed you to say so. Needless to say, we came back with much leftover ribs. Am i glad for that?! :)

BBQ Ribs and Pear Sandwich

I was already late in making my Velveteer dish of the month, which, by the way, was themed by yours truly.. hehe.. Irony and all that. The gist of the challenge was to make a SAVORY dish in which fruits (fresh or dried and of your choice) play the defining role in terms of providing flavor to the overall dish. And, to ensure creativity, fruit salads were not allowed.

The dishes that the other Velveteers made were simply amazing. Now, not only did I have to come up with a dish but also one that was credible enough to stand alongside all those creations. Pressures.....

Fortunately, the little bulb in my brain was working while I wasn't. Somewhere in my subconscious was registered the combination of the short ribs and pear. I made the sandwich above of that combination for lunch and then realised that it would be perfect for this challenge, only in another form!

Pear Gelee with Beef Short Ribs Close

So, I present to you Pear Gelee with BBQ Short Ribs. Topped with fresh onion for crunch and with additional flavor from the sesame seeds, this was a perfect dish that combined the refreshing fruit flavors with the slow cooked goodness of barbecued meat!

Btw, the pears and onions used in this recipe were from my CSA!

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Recipe Note: The measurements in the recipe below are per serving

Pear Gelee

1 small pear, barlett or red clapp, fully ripe, cored and diced
2 T light cream
1/4 tsp gelatin

Process the pears into a smooth puree. Bloom the gelatin in cold cream. Heat the cream and whisk the gelatin to melt it into the cream. Add to the pears and process to a smooth mixture. Pour into a serving bowl and refrigerate for atleast 2 hours to let it set.

To assemble

2-1/2 T shredded bbq short ribs meat (this is a rough measure, play with it..)
1 T sliced onions
pinch of toasted sesame seeds
touch of sesame oil (or light fruity EVOO)

Place the meat gently over the pear gelee and arrange the onion slices on top. Sprinkle the sesame seeds over the dish and dot the gelee with the oil.

Serve immediately.

The bones

And that's how all good meals should end! ;-)


Velveteers was started by Aparna, Asha, Alessio and Pam, who are passionate about different cuisines and food in general. Each month, we will attempt a new dish and share our experiences and the recipes we used.
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  1. Looks so are crystal clear!!

  2. Wow, Asha, fabulous! I love fruit in savory dishes and you've outdone your self with the flavors and this beautiful dish! Love it! Want to taste...

  3. Beautiful, just elegantly beautiful.

  4. Guess I'm nt qualified to comment on this one. :)
    I can say your creations was definitely inspired.

  5. I can see now how pears and short ribs would pair well together, though it took this post to realize this. :-)

    Beautiful presentation, as always!

  6. I completely understand when life gets in the way. I love the pears Gelee recipe.

  7. Hey Asha!

    Just wanted to say I think your dish looks delicious... wonder if it'll qualify for a low-carb dinner? Love the incorporation of pears. :-)

    And kudos for using up items from your CSA! I have in my kitchen a shrimp stir-fry right now, made entirely of onions, squash, tomatoes and herbs from the garden.

    Have a lovely evening!


    P.S. I'll pass on the Google adword certificates... since I have no idea what that is. ;-) (I can barely use the internet!)

  8. loved the ending part of the meal ...yum! :)

  9. Kim, I would love to see your stir fry. It sounds so simple and healthy!!

  10. I would like to have Google Adword coupon for $75.
    Pls mail me at

    Thanks in advance

  11. Great recipe. I have to try that pear gelle. Perhaps with pork chops instead of ribs.

  12. Sounds weird for the first time I hear it but looks really yummy, the garnish is so cute too :)

  13. What a beautiful dish! The ribs look mouthwatering, and the pear gelee sounds delicious:)

  14. Well...I am a vegetarian, so I really cant comment on this post...but wanted to say that these clicks are awesome.

  15. I love this kind of combination!

  16. Thanks for participating and wish you the very best, Asha:).


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