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work week


There is always a silver lining! The Californian drought seems to have unintentional bumper positives for the wine drinkers as grape vines happen to be less resource (Read: water) intensive of crops. 

So, who is not running to be the next President of United States?! All you need to know about who is running and how they stand on issues that matter (or not) to you. Sneak peak: It's more than just the economy.

Also, how to read poll statistics, including whether a bad hair day for Trump is an indicator of storms ahead..

In the meantime, the sitting president has decided that he wants to set his record straight with straight up talks on Climate Change. Funny, I was watching a Season 3 episode of West Wing, yesterday... Set 15 years ago and they were talking about the same thing.... Emissions and Energy!

Food waste will probably be a presidential debate topic within the next 10 years. That is how bad the environmental and policy situation is. Thankfully, Mother Earth seems to be getting some help from Silicon Valley in education. Hurray for electronic expiry detectors!

Diving into food safety, a short course on our least favorite co-habitant, salmonella.

The world is moving Digital very fast. But, some things are simply the best on paper. Thankfully. Doodling is one. I am a Paper Doodler too. Are you?

Make me a Summer Fool please....!

What I am making this weekend. Chewy dark brownies!

What I am watching while eating this... True Cost

Have a Fabulous weekend! 

{On which note, psst. There are companies that have a Four day week policy! And, it works!}


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK