San Fransico's Golden gate bridge is picturesque even without the trademark Red!

San Fransico's Golden gate bridge is picturesque even without the trademark Red!

Welcome to another weekend! If you are not reading the very in-depth opinion piece by the Pope on the climate change issue, here are some lighter reads to make your Saturday! :)


The above video from The Cooperative of Photography shares some awesome tips for getting the best of your iPhone. And there are more here on processing phone photo to convey a story.

Have you ever wondered about becoming an aid worker and changing the the world for better. Beware, you may not have another croissant for years or even a good shower! 

This New Zealand based artist is making anime work for the better of the world, by animating issues of global politics and economics. Very cool stuff!

Also on the same vein of privileges, a beautiful essay on what it feels to be white and therefore privileged.

And, on the topic of change, women are raising to action. Women farmers in Ghana are standing up for their traditions and opposing international forces wanting to enforce Monsanto policies in the county as part of trade agreements.

McDonald's bows to the sweeping social changes and promises more kale on the breakfast menu. Or does it?!

Now to you, it is berry season and they are notoriously short lived. Our friends at The Kitchn have some tips of prolonging their gorgeousness with proper storing tips.

It is all out now that the $10 bill in 2020 will not carry the regal nose of Alex Hamilton but that of a woman. I wonder why it will take until 2020 for that?! Views?

Man and Machine - a series of essays on the emerging robot economy. Long but very fascinating reads.

And, the cow is back in the hot seat, as the most likely animal to be play survivor with you!