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Summer has officially started!! To celebrate the warmer weather I am bringing you a SPECIAL OFFER through FOODLY's Personalized Recipe Service!

FOODLY's what, you ask?! Well, as part of my pledge to help people eat well and healthful, I am offering a service that literally helps you practice what I preach. It is like a concierge service, your counsellor, guide, mentor and well-wisher all rolled into one. Yes, I have set a lofty goal for myself and I promise to deliver to you.

The promise of this service is the same that FOODLY pledges in all its offerings - approachable, inspired and wholesome with the underlining must of flavor and likeability. By that last trait I mean, the recipes will be customized to your preferences, likes, restrictions, et all.

You are gluten free? Not an issue. Like Spanish? Sure. Hate carrots? Chill. You prefer less dairy? easy peasy. Vegan? It can be done.

I will work with you to craft balanced, satisfying and fulfilling plates for you (and your family) whether it is for everyday (by week or month) or special occasions, a regular family meal or a multi course extravaganza or intimate gatherings. Every engagement will be interactive through the design process and after through a honest feedback system.

For a limited time, I am offering TWO BONUS recipes with every consultation!!!

So, if you engage with me to create any kind of recipe plan, you will get two extra recipes free.
Even if you choose not to order your recipes immediately after the consult, I will send you two recipes free that you can test drive and then get back to me!

The process is simple -

1. A short get-to-know-you chat for 15 minutes.
2. Choose the number of recipes and I'll send your custom package.
3. Cook. Enjoy and let me know if I can tweak something for the next time.

Why is my service different from the countless others? Because -

1. Your Taste, Your Plate: You don't have to pick from a list of pre-made options. Every dish will be crafted to your tastes and skill level. So, I will be spending time thinking up plates that are unique for you and appeal to your palate.
2. All in the Family: You pay by recipe and not by number of people in your house or guest list.
3. Help in the Aisle: I can even help you shop for the ingredients if you need.

Those of you who read this blog are aware of the passion and curiosity with which I approach food. I will bring the same dedication in helping you cook more and eat better at home. I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word, tell your friends and anyone you think would like, want, or benefit from this service.

You can easily book a consult here. If you would like to gift a consultation to family or friends, drop me a note and we can set it up.

Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK