FSK Cafe - Same Notes Many Highs

Welcome to FSK Cafe and my bi-monthly food event - Same Notes, Many Highs.

I opened this cafe as a place to meet, chat, share, drink, eat.. simply unwind. And, every two months, we will feature an ingredient or a few. The idea is to showcase the chosen ingredient(s) of the month in atleast two distinct flavor profiles.

I am so excited about the cafe and the event! So, I invite you to come to my cafe and join me in celebrating the versatility of food.
Here is what you have to do -
  1. Create two dishes that showcase the ingredients of the month in two distinct flavor profiles (you can definitely make more than two!)
  2. Write a post about the two dishes you created (in one post) anytime before the deadline (typically will be 15th of the month)
  3. Link back to the announcement post and my blog in your write up. You can use the event announcement image as well.
  4. Let me know about your dishes using the entry submit form below or by mailing me at blogger.food@gmail.com
  5. I will do a round up post on your submissions, within a week or so of the deadline.

So, I look forward to hearing about all the fun you have experimenting with ingredients. I hope you will join my party and make it more fun!!