Hello Sunday!

It is Apple season now. Did you know there is a book all about the fruit and it's several varieties? 313 pages of it! Check out an interview with the author.

The first skill necessary to cook is the proper use of a knife. This week, The Kitchn has an online class on it and there is bit more depth in choosing and caring for your knife.

This is a new twist of an old favorite

I have repost this awesome article. It really resonated with me. Have we stopped and wondered about why we cook?

This would be an uber cool space to work at!

I have a touch of hankering for swan now.. Yes, you read that right.

This girl kicks ass in real gluten free cooking. I want this butternut squash cake and these biscotti please!

Happy Sunday! Enjoy the day and the weather.... Tomorrow is just another day! ;-)