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The Fragrance in The Warm Air

Chive and Mint Soda Bread

My apologies for being a tad quiet around here. I have been working behind the scenes on a couple of projects. I have started compiling and researching for the next issue of


celebrating Summer. And, the other is a photography workshop that I am putting together for July! I am really excited about sharing my journey in getting intimate with the camera with you and hope to inspire you to finding your own unique voice and style. Anyway, I will have more details to share with you soon!

I have also been traveling a bit in an attempt to understand the real story of the food system in America. Short of doing a Masters in the subject, I find that the only reliable way of getting to the bottom to all the complexities that is the food industry is by following the trail myself. I have chosen to start with the beef industry and I sense that this journey may touch more than a large chunk of the food industry at large! I promise to write an unbiased, in-depth report of my findings. No expose. No sensationalism. Just plain investigative reporting with an analytic and realistic approach. I am so kicked about this research to be honest!


And, while I have had my head down in the mud with all these digging around, the weather has turned outside and become so invitingly warm! Ok, there are days when it is horribly hot but on other days, I am rather glad that I can walk around without a ton of covering weighing me down. With this warm weather has come a bounty in the markets! I am so thrilled to see my farmers' market that is year round, brimming with colorful produce and increasing in the square footage it covers as more farmers come in during the season. As a consequence, I have been enjoying simple meals as you can see from my Instagram feed. Things that are quick and easy to make and filled with flavor. Things that give me sustenance and strength, yet satisfy my entirely.

Using the magazine as an excuse, I have been playing with my food and having so much fun! I can't wait to share the next issue with you guys. Also, I wanted to say thanks. The Spring issue surprised me with its popularity and resonated with so many! Distribution has been fantastic and a couple of recipes have been running favorite. The glutenfree Quinoa Burger and Buns from

the magazine

were featured on

Redbook Magazine


Fresh Herbs
Chive and Mint Soda Bread

I have added a couple of features on FOODLY, including a featured ingredient of the month. This month, I am weighing in on some great ways to store and use fresh Summer herbs. Read my post on that here. As a parallel to that post, I wanted to share a special recipe here with you that showcases some of the herbs I have been enjoying these few days. I have for you a fragrant and savory Chive and Mint Soda Bread. This recipe is special because I closely guard this recipe for the soda bread but I think it is time I let you in on some secrets! :)

Herb Bread with Eggs

I finely chiffonade the mint and chive and gently mix into the dough. The green flecks running through the baked bread is gorgeous to behold. They hold their color, it is amazing! And, it makes a wonderful pairing with scrambled eggs. Of course, I recommend springing a generous amount of herbs in the eggs as well, as you must!

Chive and Mint Soda Bread

{adapted from a family recipe}

Chive and Mint Soda Bread Sliced

3 cups whole wheat flour

1 tsp cream of tartar

1 tsp baking soda

1 egg

2 T olive oil

1 cup butter milk

5-6 T finely chopped herbs (I used chive and mint. Be generous with the herbs, they are awesome!)

1 tsp salt

2 tsp honey

Preheat the oven to 400F.

Sift together the dry ingredients. Make a well in the center and pour all the wet ingredients in. Add the herbs as well.

Whisk in the dry into wet using your hands. Mix until it just comes together. Do not over work the dough, else it will come out dense.

Also, it is better to be on the slightly wet side to allow it room to breathe.

Transfer the dough to a well floured baking sheet and pat it flat to about an inch thickness

Score the top as a cross to let the steam escape.

Sprinkle flour on top and bake for about 30 minutes until golden on top.

To test, tap on the bottom of the bread and it should sound hollow. If the top looks sufficiently browned but you feel it is not fully cooked yet, turn the bread and bake upside down for 5-7 minutes.

Remove from oven, cover with cloth and cool to room temperature. Seriously, wait till it nearly cooled down. It takes beautifully crumbly then.

Store wrapped in cloth and in a closed space without drafts. Stored properly, it will last atleast 4 days.


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK