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Another Announcement and Happy Summer Dreams


Yes, another announcement and this is one is big!

Finally, I have grown up. That is the announcement. I have grown a pair, become audacious even and decided I am good enough to make a change in this world. Strong enough to fight for a shift in mind set. Stubborn enough to think I have a better way. Hopeful enough to share it with you. Grateful enough to have you listen.

I have launched a venture that is ambitious enough to change the way people look, perceive, accept and appreciate food -


. Food Loves You. Let's love it back. Because that is how you can




FoodLY is retail food service aimed at enabling a sustainable relationship between us and food. FoodLY provides the tools, inspiration and understanding to creating inspired, wholesome and unprocessed eating experiences at home and outside.


FOODLY is my grand foray into the world of practically helping those with time, experience and budget constraints to eat better and take pleasure from food. We all know what we should do but it is always hard to follow. FOODLY enables you to stay the course and find ways to build a connection with food.

The secret, to achieving cognitive ability in feeding ourselves, is in building a viable relationship between food and us.

- Asha, Founder FoodLY

Many of us have read Pollan and related books. A lot of us want to change to a healthier lifestyle, one with balance, one that is not a fad but a culture. FOODLY can help you create a food culture.

That is a my short spiel for the service that I am inordinately proud of!

NOURISHED magazine

, I launched last month, is one of the offerings. I am thrilled and happy to say that it has been well received so far! It gives me the faith to launch send more dreams into the Universe.

Through FOODLY, I will be offering

Food Therapy Sessions

Personalized Recipe Packets

inspiring everyone to cook more

Cooking Classes


in Photography, understanding food as well as small themed gatherings where we cook and eat together

My hope through these initiatives is to bring an ideological shift in the way we approach what is on our plate - through a deeper understanding of where, how, what and why we eat the way we do. This is indeed a part sociological and part philosophical venture and I look forward to hearing more from you and working with you.

Consultations and cooking Classes can be booked anytime, accessible globally and are available via phone or in person.

I am working on putting together a list of ideas for Workshops. If you have suggestions or would like a theme addressed, please leave me a note and I will incorporate it into the schedule!

For updates on what's happening on FOODLY, please follow along on





Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments!


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK