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une torte amande

Almond torte

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, I have been musing on why I have all this extra padding. The interesting thing is that my pantry is usually filled with finished photos and filed recipes. The missing link is getting them posted. Procrastination sets in at this step. I have a boatload of enthusiasm to cook, shoot, process and file. Then, I stop and willfully allow myself to be distracted...

Ok, it hit me. The tedious part of blogging. Writing a post when you have little to say. The thing is, I understand practice makes perfect. I remember Diane Jacob's comment somewhere in her book that writing is just doing it every day and getting better. But, I really can't do that. I realise I don't enjoy that. I need inspiration to pen. And then, I can write some really good stuff... straight from the heart. But it has to be heartfelt or the pen runs dry...

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There you have it. The reason for my pantry. I don't enjoy the routine of words for the sake of using them. And, since it seems that the food blogging world expects text accompanying recipes, I continue to mope about and think of other things that really need to get done right then just as I open the post editor and stare at it for 5 minutes without inspiration ;)

So... the only solution to this is.. I am going to break with the 'norm'. I am going to go ahead and just post photos and recipes when I don't have a whole to lot of words to serenade them with. I am going to be very focused on this cleansing! It is important... to me! :) I promise, the recipes will be worth it :)

For today, I leave you with a gluten free and entirely vegan almond torte which is rich, delicious and guiltless indulgence. Oh and it is a one pot mixer.

Almond Torte

Torte Collage

{makes two 5 inch tortes.

you can serve this as individual tortes or stack them with filling and make a small layer cake}

115 g ground almonds

35 g oat flour

35 g raw sugar

1 T honey

1.5 T orange marmalade

2 tso olive oil

3/4 tsp baking powder

Mix all the ingredients together. Pour into one ceramic tart pan or divide between two five inch molds.

Bake in a oven, pre-heated to 350F, for 40 mins until the top is crackly and browned.

Cool on rack completely.

I frosted with some chocolate ganache and honeyed mascarpone with chocolate shavings.


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK