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The Real Questions?


I once knew someone who had an uncanny knack of asking the right questions, but, for the wrong reasons. It happened twice with me and both times it led me to acknowledge significant facts of my life that I was, perhaps, in denial with before. For that, I am, in retrospect, glad I was forced to answer those questions. You see, when a thought or question once worms its way into my mind, it stays there and germinate, festers until I have been able to address and answer it without any shadow of doubt! :)

Yes, I spend a lot of time and energy in analysis.. of life, self, things and people around. I find they all lead to a greater appreciation of life and through my own and others' experiences allow for so much growing up and building strength. The mind is a curious and fascinating organ. It retains and readdresses, constantly redefining and readjusting. Sometimes, I even feel like I can step out of my physical self and watch this astral body in action, amused by its battles with self in an effort to perceive and percept!


Anyway, I have been mulling over something related to this blog and my presence here, overall. I have been debating

renaming my blog

. The thought was seeded earlier this year and I didn't do anything about it until the whole discourse of branding and related associations were thrown at me during FBC#5, when I could not ignore it anymore! Something had to be done!

You see, fork spoon knife, is lovely but I don't think it represents who I am here, any more. For one, my interests stretch beyond the plate. For another, practically, it has no direct association with me, Asha. And, it is extremely hard to capture the essence of what I am doing here into a logo that also relates to the name. Also, I want to bring together multiple interest channels - business consulting, writing, photography - under one parent brand.

So, I have been debating changing the name of the blog... to MADE BY ASHA. It has been occupying and distracting me quite a bit now and hence, my absence from the space for a bit of time now.


That's the gist of my mental calisthenics and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

What do you think of when you hear fork spoon knife?

Is the name confusing to recall?

If you met me at a conference, would you call me Asha or FSK?

Thank you so much for your inputs!


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK