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Bridging gaps.... with a Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Cake


This has been an interesting week in many ways... A lot of soul searching, self-analysis and finally, a renewed faith in myself and confidence of the way ahead!

Before I launch into the crux of this post, I really want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on the pressing issue of my blog name! Sometimes, I feel, one needs perspective from the outside to make sense of the question and that is exactly what I received.

Having pondered even more on the subject and what my real goals are, I have

decided to leave this blog as lovely as it is under

fork spoon knife

! Hurray! I will however, be launching a bigger site that brings together all my work on the same platform, later this year. I will also soon be


Made By Asha

as a related but independent venture; details will follow as soon as I get the logistics in place.

Now, that is a huge relief! :) I like continuity as well as challenge. I seem to have managed to have both with that decision. Now, to see how it actually pans out, although, I reckon the ride itself, trying to bridge the two, will be fun enough!

On a philosophical note, I have also been giving deep thought to bridging the mind gap between people. Relationships, of any nature, stumble at that. Of course, the answer everybody says is communication, and a lot of it. But,

have you tried talking to a (metaphorically) deaf person?

It is not only frustrating but also entirely a waste of everybody's time... seemingly.


It is definitely an uphill climb to change someone's perspective but it is equally an arduous task to simply get them to realise that there may be another point of view and that

just because they don't agree with it, does not make it any less right

. The problem is worsened when it is someone you actually care about and you care about their acceptance your point of view and not simply judge you for it. You expect some flexibility and some wisdom of openness. Because, that bit is also a part of you. Often times, it doesn't happen. More so, they just want to

accept the bits that work for them while steadfastly denying the rest

, which make it not just unfair but plain ridiculous!

My typical reaction in such situations, is to just give up the effort and walk away. But, I am learning, with much help from the beleaguered souls by me, that, my defense reaction may just be sub-optimal even for me. I don't know the answer to the situation aside from

keep trying and play the same rules of the game back

, in the hope that it will open minds and let light through.

Stay strong in my beliefs

but make room for others' and not expect the ideal and let them be aware that they cannot expect the same either. Reciprocated causality!

So, that has been my week. A revelation in many respects and a found strength in reinforcing myself despite tribulations.. :) Because, when you know who you are, nothing anyone says or does will shake your faith in you and you shouldn't let it be shaken either.

I am who I am, and happy in me, and, I will not be another for anyone!


On the opposite note, I had an

absolutely amazing evening

, as well, this week; At a showing of Gangs of New York accompanied by a five course themed tasting menu of cocktails and food by

The Dead Rabbit

. The food was great, the spirits well matched and the company just stellar!

The Dead Rabbi

t, btw, is a new cocktail joint, downtown and has won several awards recently for its innovative spirit mixing. I know some, who swear by its Irish Whiskey.

I leave you with a cookie cake that came about as a kitchen accident of substituting baking powder for baking soda. It makes a really lovely cake, like

Cookie Dough Cake

, which is essentially what it is! Just use your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and swap the soda for powder, fit into mold and bake!

It also reminds me that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I will be able to blow out the candle in joy! :)


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