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It's not much... but just right

lamb Sandwich and Beer


I am in London

and not making new recipes, I will try to keep you entertained through my backlog of recipes and photos. Hope you find that in some way satisfying :)

The hero of my photos is a

lamb pastrami sandwich

. The meat is from Dickson's Farm Stand in Chelsea Market. I would best describe the meat as in between proscuitto and roast with a lovely melt in your mouth texture that balances well with the crisp lettuce that I got in my

CSA basket



On the subject of London, I realised something this morning as I went about planning my day and getting around doing it. I do not really vacation in London... I simply live in the city whenever I come here. The first time I was here a couple of years ago, I did vacation. Since then, I seem to just breathe it all in and spend my days here not much different from how I do in New York, sans the cooking but eating a lot out! Funny! And, entirely enjoyable... :) It feels just right.

Also since I decided to not lug the camera around and not obsessively tweet and Instagram everything I do, I have had a much more real experience of the city. Truth be told, I am really taking to this self-weaning!

So, with that, I'll leave you with a few notes on noshing around the city...

Jamie's Italian

- delightfully fresh pasta. It helps that it is by the wharf and benefits from the

catch of the day right here

! I am still hoping to wake up early enough to make a visit here and to the

Smithfield Meat Market

. Perhaps, I should just not sleep and do both Saturday night... Hmmmm!!!

Vinoteca Bar and Restaurant

in Barbican - Lunched here with


and it was quite a delightful meal in such a casual and unpretentious setting! Last time we lunched it was Ramsey's

Bread Street Kitchen

with an entirely different vibe but as throughly delicious an experience.

Lamb Pastrami Sandwich

Burgers and Lobsters

- I have to say, I love the name. You simply get what it says, burgers and lobsters! :) A good space, nicely done food and quick service, once seated. I do recommend a reservation but if not, the bar is fun and the wines are good!


in Islington - Ummmm.... I am going break away from the mold here and just say that I am not a fan! Lunch is a set fare of pre-made salads and mains. Everything tasted good but I could not say that it was better than a few other places I have had similar lunch concepts like


out in Long Acre.

More notes in my next post... Meanwhile,

have a spectacular weekend

!! I am looking forward to Sunday Roast and a spot of afternoon tea! :)

Beer with Sandwich

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