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The new face ..... on the Cover of Vogue !!!!

It's official!! On the cover of Vogue, no less!!!

The new face of fashion is ....A stunning Croissant!

Vogue Cover with Croissant

The Austrian beauty has the toughest hearts melting and swooning over her with cries of va-va-voom, très belle, plus s'il vous plaît!

Would you look at that lift! That is indeed some sculpting! All 25 layers of lamination. So worth it. The style, the carriage, the beauty.... Perfection, mama mia!

Croissant was recently spotted about town, in NYC, wearing a chic scarf from the Spring line of new-kid-on-the-block-designer, L.D.D. (Laminated Dough Designs)!

Personally, this is the moment I have been waiting for. To be delivered credence by the highest echelons of fashion. To walk the hallowed halls of haute couture with crumbs sticking on the side of my face and be told that it is "Oh! Sooo, the look of the month!" Fashion faux pas to totally rad! Woohoo!

In other words, I am happy that the world at large is celebrating the fullness of life. That a bit of butter (ok, a lot but in small quantities) becomes a woman and makes her so much more alluring! Those curves don't come with diets.


I am, as you know, into all this French and currently, am on a spree of books written about the myth and mystery of the French woman and her come-hither sexiness. Ofcourse, it is a few hundred pages long but I'll give you the gist. To put it succinctly, "Live life in the moment and well". So, the contention arises in the last word. "Well" is a maleable word. But, to be honest, a croissant a day (a small, proper one, not the costco sized ones) is perfectly O-Kay!

And, what do they say about the Chocolate cousin? Oh! She is a seductress! And, you have to have her, too! ;-))


1. This is an altered photograph of the Vogue cover. I have taken creative license in doing so and creating this spoof. Please do not assume this cover to be the original. Having said that, I do applaud the magazine in featuring a full size model on the cover and this post gives kudos to the spirit of the message!

2. These croissants were made by me during a bread baking course at the International Culinary Center and in so far as that I have the rights to showcase them as I please, including placement as above on a magazine that I also own.

3. I retain full copyright on these photographs. Please do NOT replicate

Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK