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Market Day!

Market Loot!

I love farmers' markets. Even though I live in the middle of an corporate manifestoed city, I am happy to have places to escape to that are a throw back to what is good and from the land. The Union Square Green Market is place that evokes different adjectives in different people, and at different times.

Years ago, when I went there for the first time at the highest heat of Summer, I thought the place was over-rated; way too overcrowded and expensive. I thought people came here because it was a cool, hip and, essentially a fad. Over the years, however, the place has changed in my eyes, as I found certain stalls selling certain things that I was certainly fond of. There are vegetable farmers who can talk passionately about their produce. There are cheese makers who are patient and enthusiastic about their creations. These people take time to talk to you and even educate you, making an investment in loyalty. Then there are freshly laid eggs, aritsan breads from Upstate and preservative-free, non super-pasteurised dairy that tastes like dairy should!

Farm Veggies!



I never buy meat or fish here. To be honest, I still find those overpriced and I find a much better fare at Chelsea Market, which, is my oasis! Also, I am hesitant of buying these delicate proteins from an outdoor stall prone to the vagaries of the weather. Nevertheless, it is a great market and filled with surprises always. I would definitely recommend coming here earlier in the day, especially, as it gets warmer. The farmers have more time to spend with you (I love a chat with them, always) and the produce has more variety and is fresher.



Spring Tulips

As Spring kicks in around the corner, there are herb and flower stalls sprouting up and thriving. A few weeks back, I befriended a flower farmer who had the most stunning roses I have seen in the city! No, they were not organically certified but they were splendid in their natural, imperfect beauty. I had a nice chat with the owner and now make it a point to stop by there, every time I visit.

The simple lunch

Which, brings me to the core point of the post. Sometimes, happiness can be bought. For me it's just beautiful flowers and food; And, I am a happy girl! I came home with fresh eggs, bread and bright colored tulips; made myself a simple lunch of fried egg, bread and lots of butter.... Sigh! That was pure ecstasy! :)

Happy Weekend folks! :)

I love the bright colors!


Share your creations tagging @ashafsk on Instagram and hashtag #MadeFromFSK