Inside a Restaurant Kitchen - Lacroix, Philadelphia


When you walk into the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia, you are instantly transported away into an era of understated indulgence. Oxymoron-ish as that may sound, the discreet elegance reminiscent of a bygone era is upheld in this stately hotel with notes of the European through a sumptuous English afternoon tea and an ethreal modern French dining experience at, what is, in my humble opinion, the best restaurant in the city -



Captained by a beguilingly young (only 29!!!!!) but very talented chef, Jonathan Cichon, the restaurant is a brilliant confluence of comfort served with couture. I had the fortunate experience of being served by the chef himself in a paradisaical evening of perfectly executed and stunningly plated courses accompanied by an immaculate choice of spirits. So decadent was the gastronomy that I returned the very next day for a very long and leisurely Sunday brunch. Oh! And, a note about the brunch, the spread runs through the restaurant

and the kitchen

! And, the staff are more than friendly to have a bit of banter with.

This restaurant is indeed on par with the best in New York. If you are looking for an excuse to visit Philly, this one will provide ample amounts of it!

{This is a photo heavy post.}


Executive Chef Jon

The Kitchen
Baby Heirloom and Morell
Doug - plating octopus, main service
Jon - crab course
Octopus plated
DSC_0656-1 copy
Meat Station
Chris & Adam