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Tuscany... A writer's muse


Art, in any form, is an expression of the creator's emotions.

It is, however, surprising that much of creativity is borne out of the darker side. Paintings, poetry, prose, music, dance... seemingly resonate deeper with a good dose of loneliness, depression, sadness, broken-heartedness etc.

I look back at my own writing and realize that my most poignant words tumbled out when I was perhaps distressed than other times. Why is it that a rose bush thorn seemingly inspires more eloquence than the flower itself?

Tuscan  country side!!!!!

But, wait... I had a break through! Indeed, the lonely walk down the narrow road is evocative... But, so is the bursting heart... joy, wonderous beauty, unsurpassed glory etc. But, oddly, I think, not ecstasy. That particular emotion tends to overwhelm the connectors of the right and left brains and leaves one gasping for air and words of expression.

So, when I first stepped onto the Tuscan countryside and took my first deep breath of that gorgeous Italian air, perfumed with olive trees and genuine warmth, I was left with no words to speak the euphoria I felt. I was simply held in a trance of taking the spectacle in.

David  - Florence
Infamous Leaning Tower

Once assured that this magical beauty was not a mere illusion, my brain activity and heart rate resumed to normal and I let myself be enveloped, nay, coddled by this beatitude.

I set out for a month long travel through Europe on a quest. And, Tuscany was where I found myself really giving in to it. I have to say that the week I spent in this region was the start of my journey of regaining my beliefs. Italy taught me to relax, be in the moment, take life slow and for what it is, appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life like spectacular food, friends and family, femininity and most importantly, one's self!

For that, I salute my muse, Tuscany! I cannot wait to go back and spend more time in discovery!

And, my deep gratitude to my beautiful and talented hostess,


for showing me the Tuscan way to life and love!!!

Pisa - River View

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