The beginning.... In Hungary

Parliament House (ipad)
I am typing this on a plane, on my way to my next destination in Europe, but, my heart still has yet to completely leave the last - Budapest and my lovely, gracious hosts for the last few days - Zita & Ivan.

What a fabulous way to begin my month long sojourn with Europe! The sights, the food, the people - I continue on... inspired.... rejuvenated.... and full of hope.. for adventure, discovery ... and the ride that is, life!

My ImagesMy lovely host Zita! :)))

Can one city do that in a span of five days? No, not the city alone... but being in a charming city with a strong hold on its heritage, surrounded by warm and friendly people and having thoughtful conversations into the wee hours, can surely put the put the seed of that promise in your mind!

St. Stephen statue

Leves Soup & sandwich lunch

I am off to Germany now for a tryst with a cherished friend whom I have known for a few years now, but am visiting for the first time in his city. My host in Hungary sent me off with the words " Your are just beginning your discovery of interesting things...". I realise the truth in them. And, I am eagerly looking forward to my next stop in my pursuit for happiness! :-)

I am going to write a proper post on Budapest (I have 400+ photos to sort through) and most things I did here, when I get back home in NY.