Is a must! Even if it is small, as long as it is relevant. And, everything is relevant :)

I like complexities in simple sentences. It sounds cool. It is also true :)

As you can see, I painted. Bright colors. Something about me. Everything about me. :)

It was called Freedom. Unshackle. Literally and figuratively. :)

It was not a day's job, I'll admit. And, I had help. A lot of it. It took a toll. Many thanks to those hands, I love them. Thank you many times over. I could not have done it without them :)


My biggest change was my kitchen. Before, it was clutter. After, it is my pride. A sunny, cheerful space where I can linger, create and just be happy for being alive.

I wanted space. It was all about creating that. Visually and really. I need a lot of storage. As you can imagine, I have a ton of kitchen stuff. From everyday use to those just for photographs, yes, props!

I did not have enough kitchen cabinets space for all of that. I also did not have counter top space. They needed to be created. So, we did. My landlords are very accommodating and helpful. I try and repay bribe them with cakes :)


Additional cabinets, Wall shelving with hooks to hang pots and pan from creating a cool yet homely look. I went for the country style. I always liked it. The irony of country in the city :)

Yeah, I think I am funny that way!

But, it was all fun! It was worth it. I love my house :)