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Joe - The Art of Coffee

A coffee a day (or many more) keeps the weary away....!

I think it is finally time for me to write an ode or prose to my favorite coffee place! Joe- The Art of Coffee

Not particularly inspirational, but ever since the popular series Friends, I have fancied a coffee place that
1. serves fantastic coffee
2. is a great place to hang out, chill, read a paper/book .. you get the drift.

And, there is one indeed! My second relationship with coffee (the first is unmentionable and involves a more-than-embarrassing addiction to Starbucks :-O. I am still trying to forget that phase of life!) started last year when I started spending a lot of time at coffee shops for "business" reasons.

Fortunately, I know a couple of coffee aficionados (that is the new name for non-substance addicts ranging from coffee to food to 30 Rock. What?! don't judge! Tine Fey is brilliant!). They took me under their wing; One sip of the real goods and I was hooked!

So became my rest stop at Joe. There are a few locations around the city and I will walk many blocks for a sip of the perfectly espresso-ed nectar of the soul. Many a day when I need more than just a pick-me-up, I wander over to have a sip, a long think or a read an article in the borrowed NY Times and do the crossword perhaps, or have a chat on deep and meaningless things... And sometimes, a nibble of this and that and the flavor of the mood!

So yeah, if you are in Manhattan, don't miss Joe, even if you are a marginal coffee drinker. You. Will. Get. Hooked.


Next Stop: Crosby Coffee, Brooklyn! Anyone been there?

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