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Talking about Uruguay...

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I am Published!!! I peeked below the Equator...and wrote it up!

I had mentioned my impending 15 secs (in cyber time) of fame.... And that is now upon me! I am really thrilled to have my first magazine feature indeed and share it with you!

Mike of Spenser Magazine had reached out to me back in 2011 to do a two part feature for his gorgeous magazine. The first was an interview in the March/April issue and the follow on feature is today's subject - A travelogue on Uruguay.





DSC_0048-1 (2)

And, travel I did, to the distant lands of South America, into the culture, food and the wine (Oh! Yes! the wine!) of Uruguay.

A week long tour of the North, East and West (relative to Monte Video) of the country touching through the urban center, the laid back horse-riding Estancias, the Spanish heritage of Colonia and the contemporary-classical mix of the seaside Punta del Este with much indulgence along the way into the food of the place mixed in with some French flair.





It is a beautiful country and little off the beaten track and a place that I would highly recommend a vacation in. :-)



To read my full travelogue and for recipes of local favorites like Chivito and Torta Fritas, please check out the article!


And while you are in Punta del Este, do not miss out on the delicious wines from boutique wineries. The one I would highly recommend is Alto de la Ballena Wines run by lovely Paula who is as passionate and patient a winery owner, you will ever meet, and takes much pride in her vineyard and personally takes you through the history of Uruguan wines, her winery and a generous tasting of her wonderful wines!


Read my interview on the previous issue of Spenser Magazine here.

Check the wonderful recipes and articles (there is one on how maple syrup is harvested, which is very insighful!) in this and the past issues of the magazine!

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